Character Details
Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch as Edmond Florent
Name: Edmond Florent
Aliases: The Fox
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Florent
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Major Noble Lord
Age: Jun 3 93 (27)


A tall and thin man, his body is wiry and athletic rather than broad and powerful. His pale blonde hair is almost white, hanging in places over his face but failing to conceal his bright, blue eyes. He looks to be nearing thirty years, though in truth his features are smooth and scarcely marred by hard work or life to betray his age. At present he wears a quilted doublet bearing the fox of House Florent upon the breast.


Rumour and slander dogged Edmond's childhood at every turn.

His mother, Eleesa Rosby, had fostered at the Red Keep in her youth and become firm friends with Jaehaerys' eldest son, Aemon. It was whispered that they were more than childhood friends and that Aemon had taken her maidenhead but such allegations never went beyond hushed tales. In time, Eleesa matured and was married to the young Lord Walys Florent.

A thoroughly trusting man, Lord Walys saw no harm in the visits the Targaryen Prince chose to pay his childhood friend. After all, Walys had a distant relationship of his own to the house through his Velaryon grandmother. It was this ancestry that his Maester cited when called to explain the pale blonde hair and Valyrian features of his third son, Edmond.

Walys believed wholeheartedly that Edmond was his despite rumours abounding at court to the contrary. The rumours followed Edmond all through his childhood and he was frequently called 'bastard' both behind his back and to his face. Though he did not look to inherit due to having two elder brothers, the wealth of House Florent allowed him to shirk the Citadel or the Wall and instead squire to his uncle - a noted knight.

Squiring away from Brightwater Keep, Edmond found travelled all across Westeros with his uncle as he competed in tourneys both small and large. Possessed of a natural talent for arms, Edmond was only fourteen when he was first permitted to compete and sixteen when he was finally knighted.

Edmond took to travelling from tourney to tourney on his own, placing in many and even winning a few. He became quite beloved of the smallfolk, earning the epithet 'the Fox Knight' from those who loved him and the slanderous 'Bastard of Brightwater' from those who did not.

It came as a shock when Edmond when he learned that his eldest brother had died of Greyscale. It was a further surprise when, a few years later, his other brother fell from his horse and was struck dumb when he hit his head on a rock. With one dead brother and the other unable to do more than drool and stare, Lord Walys called Edmond home to Brightwater Keep so that he might assume his proper role as heir.

Walys Florent took ill one morning in the year 121 and died in his bed less than a week later. Edmond, by rights, became the Head of House. Leaving his wife and children behind at Brightwater Keep, Edmond travelled to Oldtown to cement himself in the minds of his fellow lords.

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  • Two-Faced
  • Envious
  • Handsome
  • Suspected Bastard
  • Wealthy

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