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Christian Bale
Christian Bale as Dresden Reyne
Name: Dresden Reyne
Aliases: The Grey Lion, The Old/Winter Lion
Faction: The Westerlands
Organization: House Reyne
Occupation: Aged Knight
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: 42


Tall, and lean, this man has tanned skin and wiry features, and an athletic build. His head is covered in Dark red hair with flecks of grey, and his strong jaw is surrounded by a beard and stubble of the same variety and color. His face is thin and his features harsh. A hawk like nose, is flanked by high cheeks, his eyes murky in colour: swirls of grey and green like a bog. Noted at his neck and down towards his chest, is grey stonelike skin. An ever present reminder of his earlier years.

Dresden is dressed martially, and rather smartly for his station. Grey trews blouse out from Black boots and is hidden under a tunic of like quality and colour. Over this a hauberk of mail has been pulled on and kept close to body by the addition of a coat of plate. Over this an overtunic and hood of deep crimson is worn. Lined in silver, with a Grey lion emblazoned over the chest. At his hips a belt of black is worn, where a sword with Lion head pommel resides. Vambraces protect forearms, and a single ring resides on his left hand.


Dresden Reyne was born first, and records do show that. A frail lad, sickly. He was hardly a year when his brother was born and he caught greyscale. It looked back, Already the infant's neck had the thick coat to it, and his Father, Lord Jaremy Reyne made a decision. The healthy male child would be the heir. If the eldest surived-so be it. But the outlooks then were not certain. Usurped and he did not even know it, on death's own bed. But the babe did something extraordinary. He survived it. Under the care of Maester and Septa the older boy survived the Greyscale, which left him horrible scarred-though he was still a lean and frail looking lion.

His brother under the mantle of heir received and reaped such benefits. He was squired under a Lannister, and taught well. Dresden with his own ambitions to be a knight, had his requests fall on deaf ears-till his mother finally spoke for him. His father then sent him to the Crownlands there to squire under a cousin of the mother's. A Connington.

Ser Waltyr was a hard man, and was known as the Iron Griffin, for his harshness. Whatever milk lingered in Dresden's bones was sapped out by exhaustive trainings, and the hardness of his knight. However it gave the boy strength. Strength of will, mind and body-and ever his unassuming presence. Dresden would earn his knighthood-being knighted for helping displace a group of Bandits from the Kingswood with his knight, Ser Waltyr. The noted action was the Squire fending off three men with a blade, while his knight recovered from his fallen horse. The Iron Griff knew he had something special then and there-and quickly knighted the lad-before pressing Lord Connington to have him swear to the House for a period. Dresden took the opportunity, knowing no such thing would happen under his Lord Father.

A name grew in promenince-both in the tournaments of the time-and in the Crownlands. Ser Dresden Reyne, the Grey Lion, was someone to be reckoned with. Good with a sword and a bringer of Justicve, his Youth was spent either in the melees or aiding the crown with various tasks. Even with all this, prospects died off, for Greyscale carries with it an unclean stigma. No houses courted him for their daughters and for the most part Ser Dresden accepted his fate. Quietly, as years came on the Knight soon faded from gossip and the glory. Sure, one would hear a tale of him being in the North-or going into the Marches. Others heard he fought Ironmen caught reaving in Lannisport.

With a new tournament coming to crown in Oldtown, there is a quiet murmur. Rumor enough that the Knight was coming to participate in the Melees. A quieter whisper would note that a lady of Costayne had been peddled off. Married to House Reyne, with the Lord seeing the boon. A trade agreement with Castamere, coinage given in both directions. But, more importantly a sword within Oldtown. Which right now, might be worth collecting.

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  • Greyscale Survivor
  • Scarred
  • Aged Knight
  • Famed Swordsman
  • Wealth: Comfortable

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My betrothed - Valerity Redwyne, is something of enigma to me. I met her at a party and was pleasantly surprised by her. She is my Lady Wife-or rather to be my lady wife. It has been decided. All that we need to do is have the septon seal it. I don't think I'll be disappointed


Reluctant Host - I have stayed with him and his coltish wife for a few days. They are..interesting to say the least. The wife is strong willed, and he seemingly accepts it. When they are together, It is easy to feel out of place.


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