Dramatis Personae

This poorly maintained page lists notables of Oldtown and Westeros. They are either player-characters who are considered roster-characters regardless of the desires of their current players (if any), or NPCs. For PCs, look to the House Pages. NPC house-members should also be listed on House Pages.

Leadership of Oldtown

Lord Heir Ormund Hightower - Acting Lord of Oldtown and Heir of House Hightower

Ormund's Council & Advisers

Gwayne Hightower - Lord Commander of the Oldtown City Watch

Septon Hosman - High Septon of Lord's Sept in Oldtown

  • Age: 25.

Lord Quentin Ambrose of Torrentpeak

  • Age: 25. Adviser Location: Oldtown.
  • Lady Esme Ambrose - Lowborn wife of Lord Quentin. Location: Torrentpeak with her children.

Lord Jonel Costayne of Three Towers

  • Age: 32. Castellan. His family reside in Three Towers. Location: Oldtown.

Ser Gyles Oakmere

  • Age: 24. Treasurer. Unmarried. Location: Oldtown.

Maester Arwyn

The Citadel

Archmaester Luckin - Often serving as the Seneschal of the Citadel.

  • Called "The Silver Archmaester" as he is the master healer.
  • Age: 73.

Established NPCs

House Tyrell

Lord Lorant Tyrell - Lord of Highgarden, Warden of the South, Defender of the Marches, High Marshall of the Reach. Father of Matrim, Garvin, and Alaura. Location: Highgarden. Non-roster NPC.
Ser Brock Tyrell - Brother to Lord Lorant Tyrell.
Ser Corey Tyrell (Deceased) - Brother to Lord Lorant Tyrell, father of Laurent and assorted younger siblings. NPC.
Ser Gyles Tyrell (Deceased) - Youngest brother of Lord Lorant Tyrell. Once a promising and well-loved knight. NPC.
Lady Hyacinth Tyrell (Redwyne) - Lord Lorant Tyrell's wife and the mother of his children. Location: Highgarden. Non-roster NPC.
Lord Gwyd Grimm (age 55) - Steward of Garden Isle Manse.
Nyran Redwyne (age 15) - Garvin's squire.
Myllie (age 42) - cook and head of kitchen at Garden Isle Manse.
Jonquyl (age 26) - stable and kennel master at Garden Isle Manse.
Francys (age 18) - stableboy.
Willem Fossoway (age 15) - Laurent's unfortunate squire.
Purple Cloaks (sellswords employed as guards by Garvin Tyrell): Tor and Pelly.
Garden Isle Guards: Marhaut, Ywen, Orak, Brus, Mord, Adan, Toma.
(Snowdrop, Garvin's palfrey, and Ser Daffodil, his spaniel)

House Inchfield

Cragar Inchfield - Son of Lord Inchfield. Heir to House Inchfield.
Petyr Inchfield - Son of Lord Inchfield.

House Durwell

Ser Jermund - long deceased, brigand and horse thief.

House Greyjoy

Grodan Greyjoy - Head of House Greyjoy.
Merricent Greyjoy (Tyrell) - Lady of House Greyjoy
9 Greyjoy Siblings - Open for play, all older than 25.
Alfgyth Volmark (Greyjoy) - Grodan's sister; Dowager and Regent of Volmark, mother of Lord Sylas Volmark and named by him 'Usurpress'.
Dalton Pyke - bastard brat of Hoare, Volmark and Greyjoy descent.

House Baratheon

Lord Boremund Baratheon (deceased) - Lord of Storm's End until a couple of years past. A fast friend to Princess Rhaenys Targaryen, the Queen Who Never Was. A warrior of fame.
His first wife (deceased) - of House Arryn
His second wife and widow - the Dowager Lady of Storm's End, born of House Swygert, mother of Amadys, Acolyte at the Citadel.
Lord Borros Baratheon - present Lord of Storm's End, a fierce warrior in his turn. Father of Borros the Younger, heir to Storm's End, by his first marriage. Married for the second time to a lady of the Marches.
Four daughters

House Martell

Princess Amarei Martell - Dorne's current ruler.

House Lynderly

Lord Ganlon Lynderly - the Serpent of the Glade, renowned for cunning and caution
Lady Galleotta (deceased) - his first wife, of House Hunter
Lady Ondine - their affirmed daughter, of doubtful legitimacy
Many bastard sons of Lord Ganlon - the oldest being Ser Mortain Stone, presently serving as castellan at Tarbeck Hall
His second wife (Corbray)
His heir - a boy of sixteen
More children

House Tarbeck

Lord Antorian Tarbeck (lately deceased) - an old done man
His first wife (deceased) - of House Lefford
His second wife (Crakehall) - suddenly perished amid ugly tales
Lord Astarion Tarbeck - sole son and heir, four years old
Wards and fosterlings from above a dozen western Houses

House Bulwer

Jonah Bulwer - (Deceased)

  • Jonah was killed in 84 A.L. by Grodan Greyjoy so that Grodan can claim Jonah's wife, Merricent Tyrell. At the time he was the Lord Bulwer of Blackcrown.

House Hightower

Lord Otto Hightower - (NPC)

  • Age: 49. Hand of the King. Location: King's Landing.

Lady Annette - (NPC)

  • Age: 47. Wife of Otto. Mother of Alicent, Ormund, Lynett and Gwayne. Location: King's Landing.

Queen Alicent Targaryen (Hightower) - (NPC)

  • Age: 31. Queen and second wife to King Viserys Targaryen I.
    • Aegon Targaryen II - Age: 13. - (NPC)
    • Helaena Targaryen - Age: 11. - (NPC)
    • Aemond Targaryen - Age: 10. - (NPC)

Lynett Beesbury (Hightower) - (NPC)

  • Age: 28. Wife of Alan Beesbury. Location: Honeyholt. - (NPC)
    • Tylerra Beesbury - Age: 5. Daughter of Lynette nee Hightower and Alan Beesbury. Location: Honeyholt. - (NPC)

Leyla & Runcel Hightower - (Deceased)

  • Leyla and Runcel Hightower were Otto Hightower's parents. Runcel notably later in life took the Black (Joined the Brotherhood of the Watch) and nearly started some major unrest at the wall when he tried to turn the Lord Commander position into something hereditary by trying to bequeath his Bastard Son, who also was a member of the Watch, Castle Black.

Quenton & Juliya Hightower - (Deceased)

  • Quenton & Juliya Hightower were the parents of Runcel, Otto's father, and Runcel's little brother Petyr.

Petyr & Olenna Hightower

  • Petyr, Otto's Grand-Uncle & Olenna Hightower nee Tyrell are the parents of Hobert, Gerold, and Brynden.

House Kellington

Lady Malinda Kellington - (Deceased)

  • Mother of Malcolm Storm, born a daughter of House Rogers. Believed to have had a lover she met at a Marcher Tourney.

House Rogers

Ser Corbin - The brother of the current heir of Amberley. He is very ambitious, but has a huge number of siblings of both sexes, so his chance of replacing his brother are slim. Malcolm was his Squire, and Ser Corbin sponsored him for knighting.

House Tarly

Lord Alan Tarly - Lord Paramount
Lady Margaret Tarly - his wife
Ser Jason Tarly - his son and heir (31)

House Meadows

Ser Anfroy Meadows -Heir of Grassy Vale. Currently suffering from severe injuries after a tourney.
Lady Calla Meadows - His wife, a famous beauty. A bastard born and a scandalous match for Ser Anfroy.
Ser Blaive Meadows - Called the Merry and Mild.
Ser Eomer Meadows - A compulsive gambler. A scoundrel rumoured to have won his knighthood in a game of dice.

House Glover

Cressen Glover (27) - third son of the House, recently disappeared.

Erena Glover - Lady of Deepwood Motte.

Erena Glover (22) - her daughter and Cressen's sister.

House Unknown

Odo No Name - Mysterious Man at Arms of whoever Malcolm's Father is. Dresses in non-nondescript armour or mid-level merchant's clothing.

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