Character Details
Zuleikha Robinson
Zuleikha Robinson as Draea Waters
Name: Draea Waters
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: House Targaryen
Occupation: Bitch
Rank: Bastard
Age: Apr 7 101 (19)


Short, curvy and dark, she's everything at odds with her violet eyes. There's clearly some sort of exotic blood spoiling the purity of the Dragon. Broad cheeks, a wide nose, full lips and dark brows and hair along with dusky skin suggest Dothraki, but the oddly clumped raven braids do more than suggest it. She has a pleasing figure - an ample bust and generous hips - but she carries herself with the efficiency of a warrior and the swagger of a Horselord. This runty one is quite the bundle of contradictions.


Draea is the bastard half-sister of Daevon, Aevander, Cerys and Visenya, her mother was a former Dothraki slave turned stable girl. Half Dragon, half Horse, her father acknowledged her and had her raised at Dragonstone to be a protector for his true daughters, the dagger they would be too proper to wield. She was taught to fight, to use her small size and stature to her advantage, to plot and strategize their defenses, and of course to ride. She was raised with a full education of both halves of her blood and made acutely aware of her Dothraki side - she was to know that she was different so that she would never presume to be true Targaryen, but also to revel in her savage instincts. She has come to Oldtown to continue her duties, serving the darker, messier needs of the young Targaryen women.

RP Hooks

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  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Good Vision in the Dark
  • Runty
  • Harbors Grudges
  • Connections: Thieves
  • Horse Affinity

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