Character Details
Zoey Deschanel
Zoey Deschanel as Doryssa Massey
Name: Doryssa Massey
Aliases: Dory
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: Noble Lady
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: {$rank}
Age: May 4 104 (17)


It is her eyes that most people notice first and most often about this young woman. They are too-blue, something more like sapphires than the sky. They dominate her oval face, taking attention away from her somewhat too-large nose and her thin lips. Thankfully her throat at least is tall and well-formed. Her hair is brown but in the right light coppery highlights glint now and again. She wears it long, usually braided and often looped up out of the way with elaborate sets of ribbons woven through the braid. The rest of her is nothing special - she is not especially well-endowed nor does she have much else in the way of curves. Still, she is a woman and isn't likely to be mistaken for a boy no matter what she wears. Luckily, she does dress as a lady - her clothes are nothing terribly elaborate nor bejeweled - but they are fine and befitting a noble lady of Massey. Often she wears a large purse on her girdle, perhaps too large for fashion's sake, more of a useful thing. Embroidered there are images of the Maiden protecting children and the Mother seeing to the hurts of Her people. Of course, an eating knife balances this on the other side.


Doryssa Massey was born the second child of Lord Gerald Massey and his second wife Calleyn Velaryon after the Lord of Stonedance's was sadly widowed. Lord Massey being somewhat older when his youngest child was born, he doted on her perhaps more than was proper - he was very much willing to allow her most anything she wanted… and what she wanted was an impossible dream: to follow in her uncle's Kevyn's footsteps as an Archmaester of Healing. Of course, it is frowned upon in King's Landing for a lady to learn much of anything except how to be a beautiful doll for men to covet and keep. Even worse, Doryssa's chosen interest was a thing better left to smallfolk - herbs and sewing up wounds and fevers and childbirth. Finally, though, Lady Massey had too much of her father's doting and decided that since the girl was unlikely to find a husband in King's Landing - perhaps she could find a fool of a courtier in Oldtown, where perhaps a willful girl who insists on getting her hands dirty will not be so frowned upon. Even better, her uncle (though a Maester and a busy one at that) might be willing to have someone keep an eye on her. There may be an even better chance - there are a number of distant Targaryen and Veyaryon relations who also might be able to teach the girl to act like a proper lady.

RP Hooks

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  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Connections: Maester Uncle
  • Knows too much!
  • Softhearted

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