Character Details
Luke Pasqualino
Luke Pasqualino as Dickon Blackmont
Name: Dickon Blackmont
Aliases: What do you think?
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Blackmont
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Dec 12 99 (21)


Dickon stands just under six feet tall, with dark hair that hangs not quite to his shoulders. His skin is tanned by the sun but not yet weathered, and no wrinkles surround deep-set brown eyes or wide, full mouth. His build is lightly muscular, graceful and quick-footed. He dresses in the Dornish style - bright colors, mostly shades of red and orange, and light fabrics suited for hot weather. He is rarely seen without two swords hanging from his belt.


Dickon Blackmont is a younger son of the current Lord Blackmont. At the time of the massacre seven years ago by Oakheart forces that decimated the family he was a squire, already caught by the feverish desire for glory and honor. He has grown up nursing that grudge, fiercly loyal to his family and his kingdom. He has devoted his life to knighthood, a true believer in the chivalric myth, and has recently served in Sunspear, proudly finding a place in his liegelord's household guard. A journey northwest to visit home was both sped and postponed by news of events in Oldtown, and he has ridden tirelessly to come to the defense of his relatives and princesses.

RP Hooks

  • Family in the news - House Blackmont is currently notorious for their supposed massacre of fifty members of House Cockshaw on a cross-border raid at Wickham's Nest.


  • True Knight
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Hotheaded
  • Loyal

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