Character Details
Ross O'Hennessy
Ross O'Hennessy as Desmond Snow
Name: Desmond Snow
Aliases: Des
Faction: The North
Organization: None
Occupation: Sellsword
Rank: Bastard
Age: Jul 4 89 (33)

Desmond is a tree of a man. His ruddy face is square-jawed and covered in small scars - a nick across his chin, a notch in his left ear, a split eyebrow. His nose is squashed and crooked, set beneath a pair of pale blue eyes. His bushy eyebrows are like onyx caterpillars creeping across his forehead, but his scalp is only a stubble of black hair. Deep creases are cut into his cheeks, and crows-feet mar the corners of his eyes. He is broad-chested and heavily muscled, with scars creeping up his forearms and across the backs of his calloused hands.

He wears a heavy suit of brigandine, with deep gouges across its chest and shoulders. An unmarked tower shield of oak is slung across his shoulder. The bastard sword at his hip is heavy and unadorned, its leather grip sweat-stained. A dagger balances it, hanging alongside a coin-pouch.


Desmond Snow was born to the Umber House, though on the wrong side of the sheets. His father was a warrior and, though not a knight, possessed many of the same skills. Unlike many noblemen who father bastards, Uryk Umber didn't forget his son. This may have had to do with the fact that he never again fathered a male child. His six daughters were a steep disappointment to him. Regardless, Uryk raised Desmond as a warrior, perhaps thinking to legitimize him later, if he proved worthy. But Uryk was not a kind man, and he raised Desmond to be a hard one as well, often instructing with his belt or his fist. Desmond grew up lean and angry, but he learned how to wield a sword and carry a lance, and to understand tactics. He even learned to read.

When Desmond was fifteen, he and his massive father had their fiercest quarrel yet. Desmond demanded to be legitimized. Uryk had not yet made a decision - Desmond took after his father with his stubbornness, and Uryk didn't appreciate it. The words were hard. They fought with fists - Uryk beat Desmond to a pulp, cracking several of his ribs, and banished him from his lands. Desmond would have left regardless; he was as angry as his father, and was afraid he might try to kill the man if he stayed. So he set off south once he could ride. He had armor and a sword - gifts from his father in better days - and he knew well enough how to use them. He sold himself, then, to any man who needed a blade. Over the years, he spilled blood in many noble feuds, commanding small groups of men in raids and as part of pitched battles. But he was unsatisfied. He needed to see more.

Five years ago, Desmond took passage for the Free Cities, to try his luck in Braavos. And he had luck there, though not at first. The bravos mocked him and challenged him, and Desmond often fought - his longsword against their delicate blades - and as often, he collected humiliating wounds. He learned, however, and managed to stay alive for five long years, working as a merchant guard and selling his sword wherever he could in the Braavosi intrigues. He does not speak often about his employers, and indeed, he seems to shy away from the topic.

Since arriving back in Oldtown, Desmond Snow's life has become a complicated thing. Upon meeting Daevon Targaryen, and subsequently swearing his sword to the Maiden's Knight, Desmond has been aswirl in the political life of the city. Some might say he's been a boulder dropped into it. At Prince Dhraegon's wedding feast, he was struck by Rhaegor Targaryen, and a brutal duel ensued some days later — a duel where Desmond emerged the victor.

And then, shortly after, he was knighted by the King himself in an unlikely turn of events. Desmond Snow protected the King and his family during a riot, and then when misbehaving dragons caused a massive panic. For his courage, the Northerner was knighted two days later. There are some ugly rumors, however, accusing him of rising too quickly, undeservedly, of abusing the Maiden Knight's patronage.

RP Hooks

Another Bastard? Desmond has never forgiven his Lord Father for the life he has lived. He could do with someone to sympathize with.

A swordsman? Desmond is a student of arms, and at times a teacher. He has fought in both Westeros and Braavos, and though he is not famed for his skill, he is a master of the longsword. He is happy to teach what he has learned - at a price.

Northman? So is Desmond!

A Knight? Desmond is so new to knighthood that he's always looking for a good example.

Looking for Amusement? He can provide it, in spades - usually by accident.

Familiar with Braavos? Desmond has spent five years there, and seen quite a bit.


  • Filthy Mouth
  • Fast Temper
  • Wealth: Hard Times
  • Bastard
  • Well Traveled
  • Battle Hardened
  • Nine Lives
  • Stubborn

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Close Friendship - Upon arriving in Oldstown, Desmond encountered Daevon on the tourney grounds. The two exchanged words and had an amiable bout, Desmond not realizing who he was fighting until he'd knocked the Maiden's Knight to the ground. He liked what he saw of the young Targaryen. Since then, he has sworn his service to the Targaryens and Daevon in particular. Desmond's loyalty to the Maiden's Knight has never been doubted.


Fond Acquaintance - Dhraegon Targaryen likes to hug people, and he likes toys, and he likes to give gifts. Desmond cannot seem to help but love the man.*


It's Complicated - Desmond backed Rhaegor in a fight once. Rhaegor has punched Desmond once. The two have dueled, and Desmond won. The two carry on quite civil conversations, about half the time. Frenemies?


Loyal Admirer - Don't insult Lady Marsei in Desmond's hearing. Just don't.


Hostile - Don't we step on scorpions?


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