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Viggio Mortensen
Viggio Mortensen as Derrioth
Name: Derrioth
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: {$faction}
Organization: House_banefort
Occupation: Sellsword
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: May 2 95 (25)


Derrioth is a young man with a appearance of someone within his early twenties, with considerably bronzed skin, long black shoulder length hair, brown eyes, and a short black beard, as well as chiseled features, and depending on taste can be found varyingly attractive. He stands at a height of six feet and two inches, with a well developed muscular build, that of most warriors. His black shoulder length hair at the moment is in no particular style, allowed to reign free.


Born into the world as an only child, Derrioth is son to the couple of Derrick and Anya, Derrick is a former Hedgeknight, as his mother's past is quite vivid, as she has never stayed in one place and continued one career up until Derrioth's birth. Derrioth was born and raised in a village, nearby the city of Kings Landing. From a early age, Derrick had raised Derrioth in the ways of combat. For years and years, Derrioth had been trained in preparation for his future, however Derrioth would numerously protest against the training, but ultimately be shot down by his father. When his years of early adulthood finally began to dawn near, his mother had finally decided to step in, protesting against his Derrick and the training of Derrioth. Their argument would last for roughly three days before Derrick would finally give in, allowing Derrioth the freedom to pave his own future. But, the years of training had seemingly got to Derrioth, and soon he'd begin practicing the arts of warfare upon his own, before finally setting off at the age of twenty to venture throughout the lands of Westeros. Days would go by, as would weeks and months, and during this time span Derrioth would have met a man of Dothraki descent, whom he'd travel with for three months. The two would eventually decide to cross over the sea to Essos, in further search of adventure. There, he'd learn one of the Low Valyrian languages during his ventures, with the assistance of his Dothraki friend. Interested and generally impressed by the peoples culture, he and his companion pleaded and finally met with the Khal. After an approximate hour of pleading, Derrioth's Dothraki friend helping translating himself to be more properly understood by the Khal, the Khal had finally agree'd to teach him the ways of horseback riding, and the tongue of their people. Thus, for two years, Derrioth was taught the ways of riding upon the majestic animals that are horses, and the Dothraki language as well as their culture, from traditions to taboos. Derrioth would finally say his good byes, leaving the nomadic warriors to continue on his journey around Westeros before finally ending back within the Crownlands, settling within the area of Rosby, acting as a sellsword, for the final years up until his current age, he'd act as a mercenary, selling his services as a warrior, both on foot, and on horseback. And here is Derrioth now, continuing his profession as a sellsword, with his knowledge as a warrior on foot, as well as on horseback.

RP Hooks

  • Sellsword
  • In service to Lady Leof Banefort nee Elesham of House Banefort
  • Favorite Hangout: Quill & Tankard, perhaps you can catch him there, maybe hear some stories or two.
  • Want's a Valyrian Steel blade. Preferably a Valyrian steel longsword. Come now, we all have dreams, don't we?
  • Dothraki at Heart. He may be westerosi born, but he's as swift on a horse as the Dothraki. Perhaps even as brutal, and he shares a almost identical love towards them. Though now that he has left them, he is recognizing that horses at still just animals; Though faithful ones at that. Maybe you are too?
  • Dog owner/lover. Derrioth


  • Merciful
  • Easy on Women
  • Monotonous
  • Inelegant
  • Wealth: Poor

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Acquaintances - A nice noble woman of house Tyrell that I've met, someone I'd like to know more of, being around her helps me somewhat escape my life as a sellsword. Though I don't see much of her, anymore.


Dear Friend/Employer - I met Lady Leof quite a while ago, and ever since we've been friends, she's easy to talk to and I enjoy being around her, I consider her a dear friend. I am currently her personal guard.


Ex-Employer - Lady Brax was my employer, but after I asked of her to temporarily leave her employ, I shortly afterwards heard that she left Old Town… I don't want to think it, but I may have been a large factor in her leaving.


Dear Friend, maybe more - A maegi I've met. Though I had a, rather childish, fit over something she had once done, she's hard to keep on your bad side. Maybe it's her looks, or the way she words things— But either way I hold her dearer than most.


Rival/Friend - Forgive and forget, once you get to know him he's not that bad.. I suppose.


Dear Friend - Husband to Lady Leof, I didn't meet him as soon as I met him wife, but ever since I did meet him I consider him a good friend. Someone I hold dear. I am currently his wifes personal guard.




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