Lord Delwyn Tarth
Matthias Schweighoeffer
Matthias Schweighoeffer as Delwyn
Name: Delwyn
Aliases: Del, Wynne, The Evanstar
Faction: The Stormlands
Organization: House Tarth
Occupation: Lord in Exile
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Jan 6 103 (18)


He's a solid, strapping youth, broad in the shoulders and a little taller than average. Blond hair crowns him in thick waves, clipped close and neat. His clothing is a low station but a fine make. His shirt is a light tea-dyed cotton and his hose and cod are brown wool, woven thin and light so the fabric can breathe. He's also got a sturdy blue belt that matches a waistcoat embroidered along the hem with ocean waves.

The youth has an honest face and a fair countenance, with pale freckles upon pale skin that are scarcely noticeable until one gets a closer look. He's got guileless blue eyes that show more than they hide, and his face is like open book; one needn't wonder too hard what he's thinking.


Delwyn was raised in the Riverlands by a woman he thought was his mother. She died in the fire that destroyed their home, and when he was cleaning out the wreckage, he found a charred box of keepsakes and documents, which couldn't read, but he recognized the crest of a noble house on a brooch and an important looking signet stamped into the sealing wax on one of the letters. He never knew his father, and he began to wonder and then to convince himself that he could be a bastard. With his home destroyed anyway, he used what little money he had to buy passage on the back of a cart heading put of town. He was going to find his father and get himself recognized.

Little does he know just how recognizable he would be. The short version is that he had a brother he never met, and there's a strong resemblance. The brother is dead, as are his noble parents. The man who is currently the head of his House is his uncle, who would not be happy to know there is a legitimate heir he never knew existed. Delwyn was safe in his little town in the Riverlands, but now that he's in the big city of Oldtown, he can't keep his face hidden for long. Already people are talking.

RP Hooks

  • Lost Lord: Delwyn is the legitimate Lord Tarth.
  • Weaver: While he's in exile, he's fallen back on his old trade, and he's getting a reputation among the nobles for creating fine fabrics.
  • Illiterate: Delwyn has tutors, but he's still unable to read so well.
  • Good Guy: Del's got a pure heart. In a place like Westeros, that's not necessarily an asset.
  • Enemies Abound: The usurper in Evanfall Hall isn't going to give up his stolen title so easily.


  • Wealth: Poor
  • Unwitting Heir
  • Illiterate
  • Unknown Enemies
  • Likeable
  • Good-Natured

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Sweetest Friend - In Dhraegon, Delwyn has found a kindred spirit of sorts as they both struggle, in their own ways, to find solid footing in this unfamiliar and confusing world of nobility.


Champion - Ser Mathis Tarth is Delwyn's cousin, and he's hungry for some justice. Del's still wrapping his head around the fact he has a living family. Being their Lord hasn't sunk in yet.


Ally - Lord Lory is willing to put his reputation and life on the line to help Delwyn win back his fiefdom. It is an act of kindness and courage the legitimate Lord Tarh won't soon forget.


Ally? - A friendly relationship with Lady Fowler would not be such a terrible thing, and not just for the political advantage. Who woudln't admire a woman who can hold her liqueur?


Conundrum - Sweet in vulnerability, terrifying in anger, Princess Visenya has Delwyn all out of sorts, but he would sooner cut off his own hand than deceive her again.


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