Character Details
Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn as Deirdre Trant (was Rogers)
Name: Deirdre Trant (was Rogers)
Aliases: Dare
Faction: Stormlands
Organization: House Trant
Occupation: Widow
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: 38


Deirdre is slightly above average in height for a woman and rather spare and wiry. Her Hair is long and dark with a natural wave to it when loose, though it is usually up. Her face and nose are long, with strong cheekbones and full lips. She has had rather too much sun for fashion and her eyes are large and dark. Fine lines are visible around her eyes and mouth, and particularly on her neck. The varying necklines of her bodices have left subtle tan lines of different shades.

Deirdre is dressed for the hunt or for travel in sturdy black skirts and surcoat under a black cloak lined with pale grey. It looks good for hiding stains and for riding and moving around in. her hair is up in a long braid twisted into a bun under her hood. Her boots look quite sturdy.


Deirdre is the youngest of several brothers and sisters, and is particularly close to her older brother Ser Corbin. Her Aunt is currently married to Lord Kellington, though it is said his health is not good. She was briefly betrothed to a man of House Toland, but he either jumped, fell, or was pushed from the cliffs near Ghost hill and she ended up married to a Trant of Gallowsgrey. She was fourteen at the time, part of the set of cross border marriages that resulted in Lady Joyeuse being married to a Qorgle. Her husband Robin was the younger brother to the heir at the time. The heir was to be married to a Dornish bride and the mood the house into which she was marrying was particularly convoluted.

At first she was very much enamored of her handsome, cheerful, newly knighted husband. They shared a love of the outdoors and the hunt. Robin idolized his older brother and so despite being the cleverer of the two was always trying to do the sort of dramatic, brave, stupid things his older brother excelled at. Her good brother eventually became Lord Trant, but never really settled into properly running the estate. Deirdre came to assist Ynys with accounts and dealing with traders. As she grew older, Deirdre and Robin grew apart in interests, though they did raise two healthy children, a girl and a boy. Eventually their husbands died as they lived, doing something brave and stupid together. Deirdre, having spent her whole life in the Stormlands was desperate for something different, and so she is here.

RP Hooks

  • Newly widowed.
  • Loves Hunting.
  • Excited to be in a city for the first time.
  • Dornish Good sister.


  • Stubborn
  • Good Vision in Dark
  • Internal Compass
  • Ambitious
  • Wealth: Comfortable

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Good Sister and friend.


Robin Trant (NPC, deceased)
Former husband.


Oliver Toland (NPC, deceased).
Dead Betrothed.


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