The Black Viper of Dorne
Oded Fehr
Oded Fehr as Darius Yronwood
Name: Darius Yronwood
Aliases: The Black Viper of Dorne
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Yronwood
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Sep 11 87 (33)


the man before you is of normal height and athletic build. Muscle lines arms and legs, and gives him a solid torso, which is but impressive. His skin is a deep burnt colour, marking him easily as a Dornishman. Dark eyes flank a nose that has been broken once, where has his head is covered in thick black locks, with small wisps of grey here and there. His beard is darker in contrast to his hair. A strong jaw and good cheekbones, the man would easily be described as attractive, if it weren't for the blue tattoos under his eyes. Though such blemishes are surely chosen and cosmetic.

A dark blue tunic is worn under a hauberk of dark mail. which trails to shins covered by black trousers and finely made black boots. Greaves protect his legs, as vambraces cover his forearms. Over his mail, a robe of black is worn with blue tooling here and there. Small things, and intricacies woven in. A harness of fine copper scales, clearly Dornish work, is worn over his chest, and a sash of vibrant blue is worn under a well made sword belt, where an exquisite blade hangs. His head is wrapped in a mixture of black and blue scarves of Dornish silk. likely providing cover from the sun, and hiding his helm underneath. A lone leather pauldron sits over his left shoulder, and there embossed is the Sigil of house Yronwood.


Darius Yronwood is commonly known in Dorne and in the borders of Westeros, as the Black Viper of Dorne. A well known strategist and daring raider, Darius' reputation has been earned and not given through falsehoods. He was born of the current Lord, Elyas Yronwood and his wife Rymelia Martell, the younger sister and much beloved of Princess Amarei Nymeros Martell. The deal was done in which Lord Elyas would have a wife and give a sister to the Martells in order to strengthen the bonds between the once two rival rulers of Dorne.

His formative years were spent in the Stone Way at Yronwood, before he would be fostered off to squire under the Prince Consort and in company of his Aunt in Sunspear. His Aunt doted on him, as he reminded him of her sweetling of a sister, and made sure he had a fine kit in order to serve her consort well. And under the consort he learned the ways of a knight, and had his spurs under him at the age of eighteen, which is a feat unto itself.

When he was not off attending to his knight, or in Court, where he learned the intrigues that lie there, he spent his time in the presence of the Maester. Learning Cyvasse in the long afternoons, and dabbling in the darker ways of herbs. Poison, becoming something he would know of, and use later in life. All and all his position in court was secured-and when he came of twenty he was returned home and there to serve his father. Like all men of Dorne he would find himself drawn into the conflict of the borders. There his reputation would be made.

Being an heir he was given a position commandeering troops, though being green it was a small wing of outriders. It was in the marches that he was forged. With his small band he would pick and time his raids in order to distract from other Dornish offensive maneuvers. His strikes were pinpoint and they matched the cruelty and ruthlessness shown by their westerosi counterparts.

Soon enough his band grew, and it would be the Black Viper that would be leading counter offensives. After a particularly nasty raid by the Westerosi, that Darius would consider using poison-When they returned the favor he coated his spear in adder's venom before visiting his attack on a lord of Caron. Though perhaps not as drawn out as Darius would have cared for, the man died painfully in battle, and that was enough for him. Whispers of this spread over the border and back to Sunspear.

After some blistering raids along Blackmont lands, the brush war was over as soon as it began, and peace hammered out. Darius was recalled to Sunspear, in order to court favor with his Aunt.

Since then, some say he traveled overseas to the free cities. Others said he was fighting on the Stepstones, as his bloodlust had not been slaked. Other say he was in Dorne. What is known, is that he has returned and is said to have been sent to Oldtown, in wake of the trial of the seven. For good, or for ill.


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  • Wealth:Opulent
  • Infamous: The Black Viper of Dorne
  • Cautious
  • Favored Nephew
  • Hot Temper, Cold Anger
  • Daring Raider

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