The Maiden's Knight
Boudewijn Van Daalen
Boudewijn Van Daalen as Daevon Targaryen
Name: Daevon Targaryen
Aliases: Dae
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: House Targaryen
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Prince
Age: Jul 21 101 (21)

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Some would claim that Daevon looks as if he's stepped straight out of an epic ballad, that sort of romantic tale that makes maidens swoon over ridiculous impossibilities. His detractors would argue that he bears far more in common with those fair maidens than he does with any dashing hero. No seasoned knight should ever be quite so delicately pretty, at least not one who professes to be male. Targaryen through and through, with shoulder-length hair of silver-frosted snow, and eyes of the darkest amethyst. He stands at an unassuming 5'7", with a slender frame which seems more built for speed than brute strength. Lithe and athletic, he moves with an uncanny grace. He's striking, breathtakingly beautiful in fact.

The Maiden's Knight

Ser Daevon Targaryen, the Maiden's Knight, there are many tales of how he got that name. Some say that he's blessed by the Maiden, others that he merely courts her attention by praying to her, not the Warrior before battle. To some women, he is the Maiden's Knight because he is known to champion and defend them. There's many a girl who hopes that he'll show up to whisk her away from an unwelcome marriage and release her into the arms of her true love, or that he, himself, will fall head over heels for her and marry her. Some claim he is the Maiden's Knight, for he is as fair as any maiden, and as innocent, following a strong code of chastity. Then there are those that mutter that The Maiden Knight is in fact a woman in disguise, for surely no man could be as beautiful. That this maiden has somehow managed to trick her way into a Knighthood. Rather than providing proof one way or another, Ser Daevon's taken to ignoring those who insult him.


Daevon was born on Dragonstone, twin brother to Visenya. He was an extremely sickly child, who dreamed of being a Knight. His prayers to the Maiden made this possible and he regained his health. He was squired to a Noble Knight he strongly disapproved of, engaged to his sister, and not liking either he left, at the age of 12, to pursue his own path. He posed as a bastard, and he and the Hedge Knight he was squire to traveled to many tourneys. Knighted at 16 by a noble. At 17 he spent time as a 'prisoner' at Sunspear, although he was treated much closer to a welcome guest. He's traveled Westeros extensively, engaging in numerous adventures, rarely staying anywhere (save for that stint in Sunspear) very long. At 19 he moved to Oldtown where he has, save for a 6+ month stretch in Dorne and then the North, appeared to settle.


There are a number of songs sung about Ser Daevon, The Maiden's Knight, and his stories are told far and wide. He rarely speaks of them himself, apart from to say the truth of the matter is nowhere near as dramatic as even the least embellished account. Everything below is public knowledge.

Background Ties

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  • Targaryen from Dragonstone. Daevon was raised there although he left around nine years ago.
  • Family Daevon has one sister on grid but more sibling/family members would be welcome. They're closely related to the royal line, being great grandchildren of the previous King Jaehaerys, and their parents first cousins to the current King.*
  • Squire Days Daev, was the squire to a hedge-knight, Ser Jemerry the Merry, Fool's Knight. As such it was assumed by many that he was a bastard and he did little to correct that assumption until he was knighted. He may have slighted nobles if they offered to squire him. He was friendly with other squires his age, travelled the tournament circuit, and tended to pester almost anyone for tips in swordplay.
  • Tournaments Beaten Daevon in a tournament? Been beaten by him? Asked him to carry your favour? Won or lost money betting on him?
  • Sunspear When he was 17, Daevon spent some time at Sunspear. While he was ostensibly a prisoner, he was there for rescuing Princess Amarei's youngest daughter, and as such treated more as a Royal Guest.

RP Hooks (TO DO)

  • Fighty fight
  • Adventure
  • Knightly stuff
  • Targaryen stuff


  • Breathtakingly Beautiful
  • Fame: The Maiden's Knight
  • Blood of the Dragon
  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Hated by Tarly
  • Sea Sickness
  • Migraines

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Twin Sister - Daevon loves his twin, dearly, just not in the wanting to get married sort of way. In any other family this might be understandable but their parents believed strongly, in keeping the Targaryen blood pure. Rather than dealing with this, Daevon left Dragonstone and didn't look back. Since Visenya came to Oldtown, rode Veraxion, hatched two dragons, helped with the plague victims, and married Prince Torren, their relationship has drastically improved.


Sticky Uncle - Daevon's quite awkward around Dhraegon and previously did all he could to avoid Dhraegon. They do appear to be getting along better than they did.


Evil Uncle - Daevon's Uncle was exiled and Daevon has been vocal in his wishes that Maelys had stayed that way. Daevon strongly disapproves of Maelys, in particular his vendetta against House Tyrell.


Cousin - Rhaegor and Daevon do not appear to get along.


Dragonseed - Bryn's a clever boy, who clearly has Targaryen blood. Daevon likes him.


Man at Arms - Eonn is Daevon's Man at Arms. He doesn't talk much, apparently.


Knight - Shortly after Daevon returned from months in the North, Desmond joined him in Oldtown. Shortly after that, King Viserys Targaryen himself Knighted Desmond in a public ceremony for his heroic deeds in protecting the King and Queen during the chaos that followed Veraxion's unexpected arrival.


Friend - Malcolm Storm is a good friend of Daevon's and they can often be seen practicing their sword skills together.


Friend - Daevon disapproved of Loryn's knighting, not believing he took being a Knight seriously enough. They fought a rather public and eccentric duel and now they appear to be friends.


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