The Black Hound of Yronwood
Lynn Collins
Lynn Collins as Daena Yronwood
Name: Daena Yronwood
Aliases: The Black Hound of Yronwood
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Yronwood
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: Sep 4 99 (21)


This woman is not 'The Black Hound of Yronwood" for nothing. She is built more as a coursing hound than a girl - her lines are lean, flanks made for running, long legs. Her nose is too long, set in an angular oval face. Her raven hair is worn long, it coils into ringlets when she lets it loose - usually it is pinned up and out of the way with silver pins and tiny combs. Her jasper eyes are set under thin ebon brows.
Generally she favors dark colors - a dark blue underrobe without ornamentation, over that a more flowing overrobe of black, girdled and kept out of the way. There is plenty for her to cover her head with, and she often does go about with her face in shadow. There may well be riding breeches and boots under there somewhere as well.


The Seven blessed Daena Yronwood with all the trappings of a perfectly happy life - she was born to Lord Elyas and his wife Rymella Nymerios Martell and so the scion of two different proud royal lines. She was not expected to have to lead nor rule, and so she was set free to do as she liked, though of course she learned the courtly things she must - even if she was only a resentful student. This suited the young Daena fine as her interest lay in horseflesh, mostly - riding them, breeding them, shooting from horseback - things which in the northerners in the other Kingdoms would think scandalous or beneath her station. For the most part, she was happy running with her male cousins - both legitimate and bastard alike - and she gave as good as she got. They included her in many things, some of which is best left unsaid, but various forms of mischief of course were included.

So, she grew up lean and hungry-looking, "The Black Hound of Yronwood" they called her for her lines like a coursing dog and her ebon hair (though in jest - and not - some called her "The Black Bitch"), perhaps also in reference to her famous older brother "The Black Viper of Dorne"? Happy, perhaps, but all good things come to an end. Her parents cornered her one day after a merry hunt for the girl and advised her of her future - she would be bethrothed to serve the family as necessary. Of course, Daena fled in a fury - in her grief she did not notice her sandsteed putting its foreleg into a beast's den, she was thrown and worse into a pit of vipers that were huddling for warmth. Perhaps the Maiden was watching over Daena, or perhaps the snakes' torpor kept them from giving her a full measure of venom, but whichever way she was lucky that she was quickly found and survived the night despite the many, many bites she suffered and the mouthsful of sand she inhaled. Though the maesters at Yronwood and even from Sunspear did what they could to preserve her spark of life, all agreed that when she seeemed well enough to travel, she should be forwarded to the Citadel to recover and be made well.

So, here she is in Oldtown - alive, mostly-healthy but for a cough which is often flecked with blood. Somedays are better, some are worse. Still, she can ride here and shoot and drink the maesters' horrible concoctions to ward off the pain (and the worst of the coughing fits). Her parents have spared no expense, and this suits Daena fine. The longer she stays in Oldtown, the longer it will be until she is married.

RP Hooks

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  • Compelling
  • Stone Cold
  • Wealth: Opulent
  • "My breath has left me."
  • Fame: The Black Hound of Yronwood

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