Character Details
Asa Butterfield
Asa Butterfield as Colen
Name: Colen
Aliases: None
Faction: The Citadel
Organization: The Citadel
Occupation: Novice
Rank: Novice
Age: Aug 12 110 (10)


Messy dark brown, almost black, hair goes down across Colen's forehead and around his small ears. Bright electric blue eyes rest beneath thin sparse dark brown brows. An oval shaped face, the boy's features are pleasant enough to look on, with his smooth pale skin. Slight and slender of build, Colen stands a bit below average height and weight for a boy about 10 years of age.

Dark teal colours the teal cloak that drapes over Colen's thin shoulders, the cowl against his back. Underneath the plain linen tunic the boy wears with thin plain sandy brown linen strips that crisscross the opening on the neckline. Full-length sleeves end in loose cuffs where it looks like it has been hacked off at his wrists. The hem goes over the top of his simple sandy toned linen trousers, flowing down to his brown leather boots that seem beaten and worn but still usable.


Bastards aren't welcome in most places. His mother decided in an effort to protect Colen from this and travelled to OldTown. A seamstress by trade, she managed to setup shop. A dexterous woman and skilled in her trade, she worked hard and established a name for herself. Not a religious woman, Colen's mother didn't believe in making her son have anything to do with the Starry Sept.

His early early life was pretty simple. Colen learned how to sew from his mother as soon as he could so that he could patch up his own clothing and leave his mother more time for work. Most of the time, he was free to run wild in the streets. Colen enjoyed climbing walls and being off the ground in general. There was more than a few times that he would have a slow life, and had to pick pockets in order to get by.

Recently Colen did some work for a master who recognized the boy's intelligence. Knowing that his mother could support herself better if he wasn't there, Colen decided to go to the Citadel. A bright mind, he's able to learn quickly.

RP Hooks

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  • Bastard
  • Wealth: Poor
  • Ambidextrous
  • Double Jointed
  • Stubborn

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