The Lucky Seed
Cary Elwes(1987)
Cary Elwes(1987) as Lord Clovis Tyrell
Name: Lord Clovis Tyrell
Aliases: Clover, Lucky Seed
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Tyrell
Occupation: Dancer, Entertainer, Bard
Rank: Great Noble Lord
Age: 18 (Nov 5 103)


(of a man) concerned with his clothes and appearance in an affected and excessive way.
synonyms: dandyish, dandified, dapper, dressy; affected, preening, vain; effeminate, mincing.


Aptly named, Clovis is soft and refreshing on the eyes like a downy patch of clover in the wood. His smile is simple and becoming set as it tis among like features. A subtle cleft in his chin speaks to his Lannister side. Along with the man's blonde hair which is cut and smartly feathered so it hangs just past his ears. His eyes are a pale hazel that harkens to the shade of bruised pears. He is fit, moving with an easy grace in every step. A special trinket on short leather rope is his only real finery; a four leaf clover had been trapped between thin sheets of quartz and set in a gold binding to create his necklace. This rests openly just between his collar bones.

The youthful exuberance he bears can't often be contained in simple garb. The young man of some nineteen years dresses in flamboyant silk tunics in arresting shades of sapphire and seafoam. It seems most of his clothing has been imported as he openly favored the styles of Dorne. The dancer is clearly not adverse to tights, he wears a pair in deepest matte bronze which disappears smartly into his boots. The soft soled leather boots in a pale sandstone color are well kept by the Artist. The boots are pristine in spite of city living.


Clovis Tyrell is the younger brother of the Bastard born Joss Flowers. The elder bastard was born to the aging Lord Gaffrey Tyrell between marriages. He had been desperate for an heir at the time of Joss' conception but not two short years later did he remarry and soon his new wife gave birth to their son Clovis. He was named in the spirit of the clover for his fortuitous arrival. His father often called him his Lucky Seed, it may seem an odd nickname outside of House Tyrell but it was given in the tradition of the garden.

As a child he showed an exceptional flare for the arts. It was at the request of his (Enter a Lannister of some minor distinction stage left — NPC) Mother's urging that he went to Dorne to study dance. His father never really liked the arrangement but with it came some political significance for the Lannister side of his family and an understanding between the families to keep Trade Routes in conjunction with his father's import business open. Gaffrey Tyrell commonly imports (mostly)silk, spices, and rare jewels for the upper class in Westeros. This Wardship also served to keep Gaffrey's only heir far away from any real violence. He did not seek in his son a military man. Clovis' formative training ended recently and he's sailed back to The Reach to seek employment in his cousin Loryn's theater.

Raised in Sunspear
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Lord Clovis Tyrell was raised from age 8-18 in Dorne where he studied Dance as a guest and Ward of the Dornish royal family. Clovis' father is a wealthy silk importer and his mother is a Lannister with political dealings in Dorne.

Gaffrey Tyrell paid a small fortunate to educate Clovis in a manner that was outside Westerosi standards of brutality. In the process of striking this deal a promise of future betrothal was made to secure such unique schooling. Clovis is destined to be father in law to a Martell. The whole arrangement is shrouded in layers of contract and promises made in blood.


RP Hooks

Tight Rope Walk: Getting better at it every day…

Marksmanship: A sure shot with a bow in trying times.

Dancing through life: Clovis is classically trained in several styles of dance. He is a natural adept at dancing and picks up new rhythms and movements with an inspired grace.


● Naive
● Eager to Please
● Perfect Balance
● Dumb Luck
● Supple
● Wealth: Opulent

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Father - NPC Played by a heavy set, mustached Richard Griffiths; see Vernon Dursley Older gentleman. A silk merchant who moves large amounts of product. He is more the owner of several trade vessels than a real merchant these days. He has business partners in Dorne and Essos. Available for play. Married to a Lady of Lannister blood younger than himself. This is Clovis' mother. Gaffrey Tyrell has long lived in Oldtown due to the proximity to Dorne and the sea.
(Both NPCs are available for application.)


Uncle - "So bright he might blind me…. I don't always understand why he does what he does but Maester Ronas is a wise man; quite possibly one I trust."


Older Half Brother - The two had always had a bitter rivalry due in part to their father openly showering his legitimate son with praise and (some would argue) the better life. Joss passed away last year. He had been serving as guard for the Tyrell in Oldtown. Clovis doesn't like to talk about his father's late bastard for obvious reasons.


Cousin - "My father is his father's third cousin. I was never very good with the study of genealogy but I suppose that makes us relatives of some distinction. He's got a marvelous theater… either way."


Friend - "If only all acquaintances were so fascinating. The world would be a more interesting place."

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