Character Details
Janet Mongomery
Janet Mongomery as Challis Snow
Name: Challis Snow
Aliases: Halfbreed
Faction: The North
Organization: House Bolton
Occupation: Lady Bolton
Rank: From Bastard to Great Noble Lady
Age: Nov 12 96 (26)


Dark hair. Dark eyes. Pale flesh.

Challis is a lovely beauty with fine, fragile features. High cheekbones, an elegant jawline, full lips, a slender neck and a delicate clavicle.

Her dress is made of rich, jet black samite, embroidered with careful crimson stitches in a floral pattern. She wears a blood red garnet set in a silver ring on her left hand.


Challis Snow is the only daughter of Ulric Bolton, the brother of the late Lord of the Dreadfort. A man of middling years, with two legitimate sons by his wife, a plain-looking lady from House Dustin who died in her sleep some years past. Della Dustin was openly critical of her husband's decision to bring his bastard daughter into the Dreadfort as a babe and raise her up as a member of the highborn household.

Challis's mother was a Thenn, a spearwife who followed her husband south of the Wall to raid. He was killed, but she survived, and rather than go north with her people she stayed at Mole's Town for a time, traveling thereafter from holdfast to holdfast, making herself a fair bit of coin soothsaying and selling her love potions and herbal remedies. Somewhere along the line she found herself entangled with Ulric Bolton, and when she bore his child, a girl, she left it at the Dreadfort to be given a proper upbringing. And so Challis was raised like a Bolton in everything but name, given the same opportunity and education as her legitimate siblings.

Challis has always been a little wildhearted in spite of (or on account of) it all, stealing off on her horse to find her mother, to spend time at her cauldron, learning of plants and medicines, the cycles of the moon and the natures of men, the folklore of the free folk and ways to divine what will soon come to pass. It's as much a part of her spirit and nature as the noble influence of the Boltons, a foot firmly planted in each world.

RP Hooks

  • (+bbread 10/21) In a world where no news from the Dreadfort is typically considered to be good news, word spreads throughout the north that yet another Lord Bolton has met an untimately end. Elric, the uncle and heir of Vidomir Bolton (himself long lost and presumed dead, though his mortal remains have yet to be found), was slain by a stable boy in a grisly, murderous plot. It is commonly believed that the late Lord Elric's mistress was at the heart of the scheme, though his son Donovar, the newest Lord Bolton, has yet to confirm her guilt.
  • (+bbread 10/22) It seems a feast was recently had at the Dreadfort. Its newly minted lord and his Northron peers gathered to honor the late Elric Bolton, who is widely rumored to have been killed by his mistress, a woman he forced to live with him at the Dreadfort on account of her likeness to his dead wife. This penchant for keeping lookalikes hostage for intermittent periods of time was not a character trait that was discussed during the feast; instead, libations were poured and only Elric Bolton's seemly qualities were remarked upon by guests. Before the night was through, the new Lord Bolton announced his intention to marry his bastard cousin, Challis Snow. Even in the North, where sometimes your cousin is the only marriageable woman around that's got all her teeth, such a thing is seldom heard of. And what's more, for a noble lord, young and in fine health, to rush into such a union…?


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Wildhearted
  • Keeps a Grimoire
  • Sadist

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Husband - Lord and master.


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