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Caitlin Stasey
Caitlin Stasey as Carlynne Merryweather
Name: Carlynne Merryweather
Aliases: Carly
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Merryweather
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: Nov 21 101 (19)


Light brown tresses, kissed by streaks of natural honey gold, twist with careful precision into a pleasing coiffure held into place by a golden pearl comb. Her complexion is near flawless with a light olive cast and cream save for a faint little scar just above the crevice of her lip. A heart-shaped face yields to delicate features, clearly defined and remniscent of some artisan sculpture found within the grandest of halls. Doe-brown eyes, flecked with specks of green, survey the world through a feathering of dark lashes and beneath a set of finely arched brows. Her lips, themselves, remain untainted by cosmetic stain and of equal proportion.

Slender of build, yet with the gentle sway of feminine curves, her body stands scarcely more than 5'3". Despite her diminuitive size the young woman carries herself with a regal bearing all of her own. A thin ivory chemise hangs appreciatively from her form - the neckline gathered in a jewel cut scoop to rest just off of her shoulders. The chemise is overlain by an ornately embroidered corseted overdress of deep hunter green. Various vines of pure gold branch along the surface with intrinsic patterns only to culminate with small embroidered grapes in dark amethyst threading. The corset, itself, nips inward at her delicate waist before the rest of the material spills to crest at her ankles with fluidity. Upon her feet rest a pair of small black slippers.

Thin golden chains and small cream pearls weave into a tiered collar necklace befitting opulence with a flair - while the rest of her appears completely unadorned by any other jewelry.


As the only daughter amid countless sons and the youngest of Lord Merryweather's children, Carlynne was destined to be spoiled. Born from a fruitful union of House Florent (via her mother) and House Merryweather she wanted for nothing. While her father was as known for his wealth as his excess and girth, it was easy for all to see his only daughter was the apple of his eye. As such, the word 'No' just never appeared anywhere in young Carlynne's vocabulary.

She discovered at an early age that if she pouted or held out long enough, eventually others would cave and give in to her whims. It was not that she was a bad child, actually she did have quite a big heart, but merely that she was spoiled to nauseum. Like any other noblewoman, Carlynne received proper studies and tutelage courtesy of Septa Silka, an elderly woman who was half-blind in her right eye. Despite the indulgence of her father, Lady Merryweather was less than pleased with the antics of her youngest child. As a result, Carlynne was forced to spend a great deal of time with her Florent cousins in hopes of being broken of her bratty ways.

To say the time amongst the Florents was productive would be unfortunate, as Carlynne proved to be a most obstinant child. She was indeed close with many of them… and there was a shared love of family - but young Carly found she had developed a need to always have the last word in any argument: especially when dealing with Abram. The more she channeled her inner diva, the more Abram would poke and prod at her, intent upon sending her into a tizzy.

The one thing Carlynne always did excel at was healing. It was an unforeseen development given her somewhat selfish tendencies. Yet the study of the human body and means by which to repair it clearly fascinated young Carly. Upon her tenth year, childbirth claimed the life of Lady Merryweather, leaving young Carlynne motherless. She immediately thrust herself into her studies with her Septa on the healing arts, hoping to find some answers and way to cope with the hole left in her heart at her mother's death.

As the years passed, Carlynne continued her studies and began to earn quite a reputation amongst those in Longtable as a very skilled healer, even if her bedside manner was severely lacking. In fact, most of the time her healing came at the price of a rather pointed lecture. Despite the outcries from her older brothers for their father to bring their youngest sister into line, Lord Merryweather refused. Between the loss of his wife and his ever growing apathy towards most things other than feasts and wine? Her brother's desires remained unanswered.

Since coming of age, the number of suitors for the young Lady Carlynne's hand has drastically dwindled - most having been chased off due to her own temperamental ways. Despite her sizable dowry and pleasing appearance, she's been more than willing to dispense with pleasantries and tell more than a few suitors exactly what she feels of them and their families. Finally recognizing the prospect that his precious princess might have burned most of the bridges near Longtable with regards to suitors, Lord Merryweather reluctantly reached out to the Vale in hopes of finding a match his daughter couldn't destroy. The arrangement yielded a contract for Ser Vardis, The Black Crow of Corbray, knight and reaver of House Corbray.

To say Carlynne was upset was an understatement. For the first time in her life, all her tantrums and wailings did little to sway her father on the matter of her contract. Finally, she gave up. Though Carlynne is far from pleased about being auctioned off like some fatted pig at market, she does welcome the time she is to spend in the company of her Florent cousins while in Oldtown.

RP Hooks

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  • Famous: Healer's Touch
  • Spoiled Rotten
  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Last Word Always
  • Egocentric
  • Efficient

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