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Cillian Murphy
Cillian Murphy as Camillo
Name: Camillo
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The Reach
Organization: {$org}
Occupation: Servant
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Jul 23 83 (38)


Here is a man of average height and a build. His clothes are neither fine nor shabby, but simple. The green tunic he wears is nothing like the quality sported by nobles or wealthy merchants, but it marks him out as wealthier than the average farmer. It doesn't fit closely, but there is a suggestion of a silm but wiry build. His features oddly juxtapose boyish features with obvious signs of aging. Though he isn't much darkened by the sun apart from the spattering of freckles across his pale skin, worry or strife has carved lines across his brow and especially around his eyes. Dark hollows under the skin contrast with pale, watery blue-gray irises, in turn hooded by heavy lids. His brown hair is a middling length, usually pushed back carelessly from his forehead. It is short enough that it would not fall below his eyebrows or touch his collar. The man sports a beard, tinged with a bit more red than the hair on his head, trimmed so that the contour of his jaw is still visible. The beard looks as if it balances a certain tendency toward hollowness below the cheekbones.

The clothing this man is wearing appears to be fairly new. It is not mended anywhere obvious. The material is perhaps linen, dyed a sedate green with some natural plant dye that is easy to obtain. Besides the color, there are no decorative stitches or other flourishes about the clothes. The tunic is loose enough that some kind of leather or cloth armor could be hidden beneath it. He wears soft leather boots that hardly make any noise. His body language still tends toward the low, but he is not as crouched now as perhaps he once was. His gaze does tend to wander away from people towards the ground, but when he is watching something, he does so with keen intensity. Something about his wiry muscles and the avoidance of unbalanced or overextended postures suggests a lingering readiness for trouble.


Camillo is smallfolk and a Reachman, but people say he hasn't always lived in Oldtown. It is known that he has worked as a servant in the past, with at least two long-term positions in noble houses. They say that he once served the Fossoways some years back, but left suddenly when his master Istor, now dead, was imprisoned. There was a certain gap between that and his appearance looking for work in Oldtown. There are rumors that for part of that time, he lived unnoticed in the Undercity, seldom emerging to the proper parts of town.

Some say that he knows of herbs, but he does not work as a healer, though during the plague they say he helped treat some of the more desperate victims in the Undercity. He had a hand in fighting a gang of poisoners that was terrorizing the area, and it was after he nearly died in that raid that he was taken on as a servant by the Hightowers. Since then, he has climbed amongst the ranks of the servants due to his hard work, experience and training. He now has a senior service position.

RP Hooks

Camillo is rather devout in his own way and may be found at worship.

Camillo has worked for the Fossoways in the past, his position ending when his master was imprisoned. That master is now dead.

Camillo collects herbs and occasionally sells them or gives them to those who are ailing.

Camillo works for the Hightowers.

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  • Loyal Dog
  • Deep Beliefs
  • Hardened

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