Ser Caelin Florent
Anthony Flamant
Anthony Flamant as Caelin Florent
Name: Caelin Florent
Aliases: The Black Fox
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Florent
Occupation: Acting Heir to Brightwater Keep
Rank: Knight
Age: 24


Caelin is a tall, dark young man, approaching six foot three, although built as thin and sharp as a whip. High cheekbones and a narrow chin, sporting a short but thick and even beard, frame wide-bridged nose that's probably seen a couple of breaks in its time, and stony-black eyes. A thick mop of black hair, the same pitch-color as the beard, sweep back from his brow, still at full thickness, although the man has left behind the full flower of youth. long, slightly pointed ears poke out from that thick black mane.

He wears a slate blue doublet with red-gold buttons, black, doeskin trousers, and a short cloak of muted orange, with a clasp in the shape of a black fox, courant. A fine-looking dress dagger and sword are sheathed at his belt.


The fourth son of Wylas Florent, Lord of Brightwater Keep, Caelin never expected to inherit much from the family. That didn't diminish his obvious devotion, the young man over-earnest and deadly serious from a young age, loyal to family, adhering to the role set by his birth. And haughty and vengeful in protecting his family.

Circumstances have altered that role slightly. One older brother dead, another crippled and invalid. Caelin retired young from a promising career on the tourney circuit, where he had already won some fame jousting as "The Black Fox," in order to study more matters of estate. With his older brother Edmund's bastardy revealed, that left Caelin as the acting heir of Brightwater, and assuming many of his father's duties already with the elderly Wylas increasingly sick and frail.



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