Lady Bryony Tyrell (NPC)
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Name: Bryony Tyrell (née Hightower)
Aliases: None yet
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Tyrell
Occupation: Lady
Rank: Lady
Age: 29 (b. 94)


Lady Bryony Tyrell is a pretty, lively creature in her late twenties, with warm brown eyes and a great quantity of golden-blonde hair which she often wears in ringlets. Her figure could best be described as generously maternal. She often wears Tyrell green and gold, or else shades of lavender and violet.


She was born Lady Bryony Hightower; in this connection she is a niece of the Hand of the King and a first cousin to Queen Alicent and Lady Marsei, though her closest kin has ever been Lady Margot Rowan (née Hightower), another cousin with whom she was brought up as sisters after the untimely death of her parents.

Two years apart in age, the girls quickly became inseparable: when Lady Margot went to the court at King's Landing to attend upon the Queen, Lady Bryony soon followed, and after Lady Margot's marriage to the heir of House Rowan she was quick to make a match of her own with another young Reachlord, Ser Adarian Tyrell. In the early years of their marriages they often visited between Goldengrove and Highgarden. When Lady Margot left her husband, she took shelter with her sister, beneath the elegant and widespread wing of House Tyrell.

Lady Bryony's marriage has been happy, all things considered, and particularly fruitful. One child, very early on, is rumoured to have been lost: six others have followed, all in robust good health. Between her own scatterbrained nature and her husband's constant absences on business, she's downright grateful for Lady Rowan's help in raising them, and she doesn't mind who knows it.

The ladies came to Oldtown together at the end of 122 AC for the wedding of their cousin Lady Marsei Hightower to Prince Dhraegon Targaryen, and it was there that the news reached them of the death of Lady Rowan's only living child. In March of 123 AC Lady Rowan returned to her husband's manse in Oldtown, and Lady Bryony and her children went with her in a touching exchange of hospitality.

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RP Hooks

  • Three great houses of the Reach: Hightower, Tyrell, and Rowan.
  • Oldtown and Highgarden society.
  • Laissez-faire childrearing.


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Sister ~ The cousin, foster-sister, and best friend, two years Bryony's senior, who has been the centre of her world through all the alterations and upheavals and marriages and pregnancies and losses of their lives.


Ser Adarian Tyrell
Husband ~ An awfully nice man who breezes into his wife's life irregularly, bringing good cheer and romantic surprises; and breezes out again before she can quite tire of his presence. And when he isn't there to offer care and support, she knows she'll always have Margot.


Goodbrother ~ Not always good, mind you.


Ser Gyles Hightower
Brother ~ One year older. A stalwart protector to his sisters by blood and adoption, vociferous always in their defense.


Lord Adarian Tyrell (b. 113/09/07)
Eldest Son ~ Left with family at Highgarden when his mother accompanied Lady Rowan to Oldtown in the year 122 AC.


Lady Margot Tyrell (b. 114/11/01)
Eldest Daughter ~ Left with family at Highgarden when her mother accompanied Lady Rowan to Oldtown in the year 122 AC.


Lady Alicent Tyrell (b. 115/10/27)
Daughter ~


Lord Wyllas Tyrell (b. 116/10/11)
Son ~


Lady Margaery Tyrell (b. 119/10/09)
Daughter ~ Shy, cautious, very fond of sweets. She looks just like her mother, in miniature.


Lord Davith Tyrell (b. 122/06/12)
Baby Boy ~ A young man with a harrowingly fine set of lungs on him, and a distinct preference for Lady Margot Rowan's company over that of his own mother by blood.


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