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Alexander Skarsgard
Alexander Skarsgard as Ser Brynt
Name: Ser Brynt
Aliases: Brynt
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Occupation: Hedge Knight
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Age: 24



At well over 6 feet tall and weighing nearly 14 stone, this man has a slender yet solid build. Brynt's still youthful visage is beginning to be marred by thin lines at the corner of his eyes and mouth; accolades that can be earned through hard times on the battlefield and harder times in taverns. His milky white complexion is quite fair, unblemished by the sun and having a healthy glow. Short blonde hair frames his clean-shaven face, allowing his vibrant blue eyes to dominate his features.

Brynt is wearing a hauberk common to most soldiers. Although covered by a surcoat, it appears clean and in good repair. The coat is white, with only the most stubborn of faint stains making their appearance. The coat of arms displayed on the surcoat is a black sword, pommel down, upon a field of white, with a four petal blossom in red atop the middle of the blade. Underneath the mail shirt's sleeves is some form of leather armor, and glimpses of the same leather armor are found under the rest of the surcoat, such as his breaches, boots and gloves. Like the mail, the armor is clean and oiled, but bears the scars and stitches of repairs from well use. A black hooded cloak, bleached grey from the sun, wraps around his shoulders and is held by a simple metal chain. On his left hip is a longsword and on his right, a parrying dagger. A pair of knives precede each sword, a small utility knife mated with the dagger and a larger hunting knife partnered with the longsword.


A Hedgeknight, Ser Brynt has journeyed to Oldtown with the hopes of becoming a Landed Knight, or at the least, earn some coin as a Swornsword. His light coinpurse does little to attract the kind of women he'd like to take as a wife, especially with the costs of the trappings of his trade.

Brynt never knew his father, but his mother Rhaella, an incredibly learned woman with a lurid trade, assured him he was no bastard. She refused to give him any surname and the young boy was always just called Brynt. He always suspected it was some attempt to spare him being a Waters, but he never had the courage to confront her about it. Though, there were times when he dreamed a Targaryen noble would come and claim him. With his fair skin and blonde hair, he certainly looked to fit the part.

The life his mother was leading was not what she wanted for young Brynt, so she arranged a trade with a Hedgeknight, Ser Tumas the Grey, to take her 10 year old son on as a squire and away from King's Landing. While Tumas never disclosed the terms of the trade, he would later tell Brynt that he got the better end of the deal twice over. Brynt was an especially studious squire, learning all he could from Ser Tumas. Though, being the squire of a hedgeknight, he never had the resources for more scholarly pursuits. His curriculum was based on practicality and necessity, but Brynt did his best to learn the proper way to behave around the nobility. Even as a young man he still dreamed about a noble father claiming him and wanted to make a good first impression. He would, and still does, keep his skin covered from the harsh rays of the sun, wearing gloves, hooded cloak, broad brimmed hat, or helm, so as to not blemish his fair skin. Studying and cataloguing heraldry became a hobby of his, so he could correctly identify his dream father's house when they'd meet. In between the brittle parchment of his home made heraldry book, are collections of blossoms. They are mementos of his travels, born out of necessity from a light purse.

Ser Tumas knighted Brynt the evening after winning his first jousting tournament. It was a bittersweet moment for the young man of 18 years. While he was proud and honored to be anointed into the knighthood, he was saddened that he would not be able to share his accomplishment with his mother, whom he had not seen since becoming Ser Tumas' squire. She has seemingly vanished without a trace, with Brynt never succeeding in learning of her fate. He still harbors hope that he will find her one day; perhaps she is living the life of a Lady along with his father.

Brynt traveled with Ser Tumas for two more years, earning enough to buy a good horse, a strong sword, and a decent bit of armor. They parted ways as good friends, always sharing an evening of revelry whenever their paths cross at a tourney.


  • Collects and presses blossoms
  • Protects his skin from sunlight.
  • Speaks without contractions

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A soldier in noble's clothing.


His hospitality is only exceeded by his collection of felines.


A fine young man that will make a good knight someday.


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