Character Details
Riley Thomas Stewart
Riley Thomas Stewart as Bryndon Flowers
Name: Bryndon Flowers
Aliases: Bryn, Royal (among other urchins)
Faction: The Reach
Organization: The Citadel
Occupation: Child
Rank: Acolyte
Age: Mar 20 110 (12)


This young boy could be the splitting image of a Targaryen noble, if not for the rough commoner-styled cut of his platinum hair. His eyes, too, are noticible, a striking shade of violet. Looking to be maybe ten years old, he stands a few inches short of five feet tall and he's quite skinny.
He's currently wearing a green tunic, which appears just a tiny bit too big for him. This hangs over a pair of brown trousers. On his feet is a pair of simple boots, which are muddy enough to show he spends a lot of time outside.


When Bryn's mother, Rose, daughter of a tavernkeeper in Old Town, became pregnant and returned home, her parents came up with a story that she'd married and become widowed in very short order, to hide the shame that their daughter had slept with a strange nobleman. That story didn't last long, however. Bryn's heritage was obvious from the moment of his birth. With platinum hair and striking violet eyes, he looked every bit a Targaryen like his father. Which Targaryen, however, his mother would never tell him.

His grandparents passed of an illness not long after. For the first seven years of his life, Bryn grew up helping his mother run the tavern. He was a brilliant child, learning chores quickly and managing even complicated tasks better than most his age. His favourite task was starting the hearth and cooking fires. From as far back as he could remember he loved watching the fire, so when he was deemed old enough to start them, he loved it.

When he was seven, a drunkard at the tavern, their only customer that night, attacked and killed his mother right in front of him. In his trauma, he felt compelled to start a fire, right there on the wooden floor. There was no reasoning to it, he just knew it would make him feel better, and it did, a little. The whole tavern would burn down, and everybody assumed that Rose had died in the fire.

After this, with no family left except a faraway father he'd never met, Bryn took to the streets of Old Town. As quickly as he'd learned to help run a tavern, he learned to survive, scavenging or using his natural charm to beg for food. From older children he learned how to steal and how to get away.

Bryn's life recently improved, as he was first taken in by the Baneforts and then, more recently, accepted as a Novice at The Citadel.

RP Hooks

  • The Citadel - Bryn has been studying at the Citadel for almost two years now, and is known by many as a prodigy.
  • Undercity - Bryn spent many of his years living as a thief in the Undercity. Maybe you know him?
  • Blood of the Dragon - Even though he's a bastard, Bryn has the blood and looks it.


  • Blood of the Dragon
  • Eidetic Memory
  • Pyromania
  • Bastard
  • Charismatic
  • Wealth: Poor

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Funny Cousin - Not sure if he's my cousin or uncle or something else, but Dhraegon is fun. He's more of a kid than me, even though he's very old. It doesn't matter. He's smarter than he looks, and he's accepted me as part of the family more than anybody else.


Mentor - Archmaester Luckin is brilliant and the nicest of the Archmaesters. He's always patient and he knows so much. But he even still listens to me when I have ideas.


Teacher - Maester Leandro is nice too, but in a different way. He says what he's thinking more than other people, but he's usually right too.


Maiden Knight - Ser Daevon is the kind of knight I used to want to be. When I thought of being a knight, I thought of the stories of him. He's a real knight.


Sister - Well, not /really/ my sister, but she might as well be. She thinks I need protecting more than I really do, but I don't mind. Nobody I trust more than her.


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