Character Details
Aidan Turner
Aidan Turner as Bryce Storm
Name: Bryce Storm
Aliases: None
Faction: The Stormlands
Organization: None
Occupation: Actor and Bard
Rank: Bastard
Age: Jun 1 100 (20)


This young man is about six foot two inches tall. Dark and curly black hair is thick atop his head and kept in what seems to be a fashionable mess. Those dark curls reach down to cover his ears and almost reach the bottom of his neck at thier longest. His skin is a light olive tone and a pair of dark black brows arch low over large and expressive mocha brown eyes. The features of that oval shaped face have a striking and dark beauty to them. From his high cheekbones to his lightly pointed nose and full kissable lips he seems to have been blessed with fine features. There is a hint of light stubble running along his rounded chin and up the slope of his jaw. A slender neck leads down to a broad body that is lean and muscular. His chest and shoulders are toned and defined with strong arms and large hands that are slightly calloused. He wears a high collared doublet of dark grey with purple trim. Under the doublet is a flowing shirt of the same shade of purple that trims the doublet. For trousers he wears a pair of tight dark purple leggings that also match the rest of the outfit. High black boots with thick flat soles are worn over his feet. He is often seen carrying a finely crafted twelve stringed lute made of dark wood.



Bryce Storm is the bastard child of the Head of House Penrose in the Stormlands. Brought up in his fathers house yet never truly belonging young Bryce struggled to get affection. He had a half sister who was ten years his senior she took care of him and it was her, Rena that introduced him to his greatest passion music. He played for her often and finally she convinced her mother to let a ten year old Bryce play for the court. He surpassed all expectations and even the Lady Penrose saw his potential. She paid for him to continue his lessons and even allowed him to learn acting and dancing as well. Bryce excelled in the creative arts and also took up learning to wield daggers both in hand and thrown. When he was eighteen he set out from the Stormlands to the Reach. For two years he traveled the Reach performing for any who would listen until his footsteps brought him to Oldtown.

RP Hooks

  • Wandering Bard
  • New to Oldtown
  • Musician and Actor
  • Bastard


  • Attractive
  • Charismatic
  • Romantic at Heart
  • Wealth: Comfortable

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