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Ben Hill
Ben Hill as Bryce Stark
Name: Bryce Stark
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The North
Organization: Stark
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Great Noble Lord
Age: Apr 26 90 (33)


Tall and well trained, this man is difficult to miss. Northern, so very, very northern, with coldly blue eyes, dark hair that falls in waves around his face, and a strong jaw that is never fully free of the shadow of scruff. A Stark, has to be, or at least one with enough Stark blood to lend that unmistakable stern angularity to his features. Dark hair is touched with grey already, despite the man not being terribly far into his thirties. And if the features of his face weren't enough to give him away, his mode of dress certainly does.


Bryce Stark was never, ever going to inherit Winterfell and that was precisely how he liked it. His father was getting on in years back the time Bryce was even born, and he had a good number of siblings born before him. No, Bryce Stark was never to be the Lord of Winterfell, only his son. A son with a skill at arms, a fierce heart, and an unbreakable honest streak. He paged for his uncle, and then squired for him, learning from a man that he came to look up to and know better than his own father. Which, likely, was unsurprising, given the man's death when Bryce was still young.

But young men grow up, and so do Direwolves. In time, Bryce earned his Knighthood from his uncle, and then he was arranged to meet a prospective wife. Princess Viserra Targaryen, no less. His family wanted ties, he was a son never meant to inherit, she was near enough his age, and they were both fierce of heart. Surprisingly, for both of them, they got along incredibly well. When Bryce was nearing twenty-three, he was married.

In the ten years since then, they have split their time, much of it spent in his wife's home, and some of it in his. The most surprising development in those ten years, however, at least for Bryce, happened not but three years ago.

At first, he thought it just any other wolf pup. Grey furred and bright eyed, left behind by its mother likely for its size. No runt, but rather a pup so large that surely it would have caused its litter mates to starve. It took some goading to convince Viserra he should keep the pup, but eventually his wife relented. A good thing, too, for it was not long before people started to realize that it was no ordinary wolf that Bryce had found. Wicked smart and growing fast, the son, now brother, who would never inherit Winterfell had found himself a Direwolf. A Direwolf he named Sentinel.

That was not the strangest thing, however, about Bryce finding Sentinel as a pup. What was were the dreams he began to have. Looking through a wolf's eyes in the Godswood. Nosing about the kennels. When he roamed and brought Sentinel with him, running through the forests of the North. It was until he had a dream of returning to his own camp, of licking his own face, and then waking with something of a start as he was licked in the face that Bryce figured out even remotely what was going on. And though he spoke to no one on the matter, he focused on that bond, and his being able to see through Sentinel's eyes, and has managed to over time learn to, when need be, control the Direwolf even while they both wake.

Now, however, with both of his and Viserra's families breathing down their necks about their thus far lack of children, they are moving away. Away to Oldtown. Away to where they can be individuals, perhaps. Or, at the very least a pair. They'll see how it goes.

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  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Night Owl
  • Honest
  • Wolf Tamer
  • Arrogant
  • Attractive

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Wife - His wife of the past decade, they're a loving couple. Though not without their disagreements, the two are more often seen to make play of them than anything else. Though as of yet having no children, and despite the grumblings of their families, they do not seem troubled by this fact.


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