The Bloody Lion
Josh Dallas
Josh Dallas as Ser Braeden Hill
Name: Ser Braeden Hill
Aliases: Brae, The Bloody Lion
Faction: The Westerlands
Organization: House Lannister
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Bastard
Age: Jun 3 97 (25)


Braeden is a man in his early to mid-twenties, he has a lightly tanned complexion, short cropped dark blond hair and blue eyes. He rarely has more than a day or two worth of stubble along his jaw showing something of an attention to his grooming habits. His build is solidly athletic, tall and lean a swordsmans form to be sure, even the way he walks speaks of the sure confidence of someone who knows how to conduct himself in a fight. Hes not bad looking either with an easy smile, though thats often off-set by a direct and blunt personality.

He dresses in the manner of a minor noble. Someone with a bit of money to spend but not a purse lined with gold. He favors fine wools and leather despite the warmer climes, and although he wears little embroidery or embellishment on his garments, they are obviously of a finer make than what most smallfolk would be wearing. The sword on his hip speaks of a similar story, simple but very well made, though the scabbard bears one of his nods to his actual status, a bit of gold around the top and tip. He wears no jewelry, except for a simple broach that bears his personal coat of arms, a lion that marks him as entwined with House Lannister if not a member of the bloodline himself.


Braeden Hill life started off in the way of many noble bastards. His father, Tyland Lannister, desired a night in a Lannisport brothel with a golden haired beauty. A babe was born nine months later. Unable, or unwilling, to raise the child his mother brought him to the gates of Casterly Rock and presented him to his father. Oddly, there was no denial of his parentage from his father, he only uttered those timeless words, a Lannister always pays his debts as he took the child into the household. Braeden may have been accepted into the household, but he was never truly a member of it. He had access to the tutelage of the Maester and the sword training of the Master at Arms like Lord Tylands legitimate offspring, but he was reminded of his more lowly birth, still he endeavored to always carry himself and act as he believed a Lannister should, with perhaps a touch more humility. He still was on the receiving end of more than one scuffle with more nobly born Lannisters, and he rarely would fight back knowing it to be more trouble than it was worth. He took to the sword much quicker than he did to books, he was an athletic child and grew quickly. A few upsets in the sparring yard were enough to end the scuffles by the time he was ten.

Tyland was distant with his bastard son, but did take care of him, trying to secure a better future for him than just the of the Lannister bastard many had come to call him. Shortly after his tenth nameday, he was offered to a lesser knight and Lannister bannerman, Ser Temlan Swyft. While he was hardly a good squire, he wasnt the best at his tasks unless it came to maintaining the knights horse or gear. His cooking never got better than mediocre, and his ability to use his hands for something other than fighting was questionable. However, the lad knew enough etiquette to keep from embarrassing Ser Temlan in public, and the knight himself was hardly known for being the most pristine, he was knighted because of his skill with a blade. This is what Braeden learned during his years with Ser Temlan, he focused on the craft and only the siren call of the fairer sex when he reached his teens was enough to pull him away from his sword practice.

When Braeden was seventeen, Ser Temlan was ordered to escort a young Lannister lady and her handmaiden to the Vale for her betrothal. Several soldiers and of course the squire himself accompanied the knight on the journey. On route to their destination, Braeden stuck close to Ser Temlan and the carriage that carried the two ladies, however a group of mountain clansmen decided the travelling group might make for easy pickings and attacked. It was Braedens first battle, and the first time he distinguished himself. He himself hardly remembers the battle, though the guards recounted it to him later. Despite taking wounds he had refused to fall, roaring warcries like an enraged lion, four clansmen testing themselves against the seventeen year olds sword only to fall. He himself only falling unconscious once they were sent into retreat. The guardsmen started to call him the Bloody Lion, and as monikers often do, the name stuck.

Upon their return to Casterly Rock, Braeden was given his own knighthood. Though he still bore the name surname Hill and had no land to go with his new title, it was still a step in the right direction for him, and a taste of what he eventually craved. He remained in service to House Lannister, staying at Casterly Rock unless duty sent him elsewhere. The simple act of knighting him enough to buy his staunch loyalty. When story of his exploits spread more throughout Casterly Rock, he became something of a bodyguard for the Lannisters, accompanying them on long trips or in situations where violence may ensue. He distinguished himself at a handful of tournaments, especially when it came to sword play which only improved through the years. Now, his father has sent him to Oldtown, and as is always his duty hes there to protect Lannisters and Lannister interests an endless job but someone has to do it.

Coat of Arms

Or, bend sinister gules, lion dormant sanguine armed argent.

RP Hooks

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  • Stubborn
  • Son of a Whore
  • Bastard Born
  • Fame: The Bloody Lion
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Fiercely Loyal

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