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Character Details
Alex Price
Alex Price as Braddock Hightower
Name: Braddock Hightower
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Hightower
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Dec 6 95 (25)


Standing tall at nearly six and a half feet, this broadly built man
stands head and shoulders above many. He holds himself with a warrior's
bearing, one of an innate confidence bordering on the point of bravado. Atop
his head he has hair of a medium brown. It appears to be heavily toustled and
never sits where it is meant to, often looking unkempt at best or a fashion
disaster at worst.

Beneath brown eyebrows are his blue-green eyes, rather emotive as eyes
are wont to do regardless as to the mind's desires. Beneath his eyes are light
dark 'bags', indicating that this gentleman receives less than the ideal amount
of sleep. His nose is broad, but by no means greatly so. The point of his nose
dips downwards slightly right at the end, looking ever so slightly like that of
a smaller bird of prey. A well-maintained full beard is present around his
thin, expressive lips. It is brown, like his hair.

Though possessed of broad, straight shoulders his figure is leaner than
expected of his build. No stranger to physical excertion, his body possesses a
tight musculature more able for quick, dexterous movements than large sweeping
ones. Presently he is wearing a simple cloth tunic. The cloth is blue, and
along the hem and cuffs delightful embroidery in white and red thread. The
embroidery depicts a string of little whte towers all topped in red flame. Upon
his legs he wears a pair of plain white leggings that show off the musculature
of his legs quite well. Also worn are a pair of black leather boots. The boots
reach to the middle of his thigh and have a large cuff of leather at the top.
They are of simple design with a hard sole and a slight inch or two of heel.


I was born twenty-six years before writing this down. My name is Braddock
Hightower, I am a scion of the House of Hightower of Oldtown. My father is
Oresund Hightower, husband of Millicent. Yes. Millicent. You laugh and you get
two missing teeth. Okay? Okay.

I wasn't born into the lap of luxury like most Hightowers. Sure, my father had
money, tonnes of it. But he made all of us, my older brother, younger brother
and twin younger sisters, work for our share. I used to begrudge him that, to
be honest. When the whole family got together I saw cousins of mine with finer
attire and better conditions of living. But now? Now I appreciate the fact that
I had to work.

I worked the fields, while my older brother played soldier. My younger brother
eventually joined me - though he's eight years my junior. My sisters,
naturally, took up needle work. Not the fancy shmancy embroidery of their
cousins, but actual work. The clothes I wore, and those I wear today? Handmade
by my sister Amelira.

Working the fields I got a taste of life as a smallfolker. I like them better
than I do 'my own kind'. They're far more honest folk, hard working for the
most part. Many of them unfailingly loyal and honourable people, given half the
chance. I also got my taste of combat. Bandits were common in our neck of the
woods, and I lead a branch of the militia made up mostly of farmers and the
like. I figure that my working with them daily helped in my command efforts.

I revelled like a smallfolker too. Drinking, womanizing, that kind of thing. My
father turned a blind eye but my mother didn't approve. Tried to set me up with
marriage matches from famillies all over the place. But, far from gentlemanly
and refined, I was always rejected. Which suited me down to the ground. I was
often invited to parties by my friends, farmers mostly - though the town's
blacksmith and his son were, and remain, good friends of mine. Every birthday
I'd have two parties. One formal feast at my father's manse, and one (better in
my view) hell of a shindig at the local tavern.

Now, why am I in Oldtown? Well when my father died, gods old and new rest his
soul, my brother inherited. Through my mother's influence, no doubt, I was
politely informed that I was no longer welcome at my birthplace, that my
behaviour was most ignoble. And so I left, for Oldtown. May as well see my
family while I'm out and about, no? Hahaha.

RP Hooks

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  • Anointed Knight
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Charismatic
  • Drinks Like A Fish
  • Tough
  • Brave

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