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Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth as Ser Brace Ryger
Name: Ser Brace Ryger
Faction: The Riverlands
Organization: House Ryger
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Minor Noble Lord
Age: 31 (born September 16, 92)


Ruggedly built, severe of expression, and possessed of a firm, square jawline, Brace might be mistaken for a Northman at first. Dark blond hair has been pulled back and his beard is trimmed, but both are slightly unkempt; he isn't disheveled, he simply has more pressing concerns. The bright blue color of his eyes is dulled in the shade of a heavy brow. He speaks slowly in a deep baritone, his voice full of timber.

Brace is clad in mottled brown leathers, the sort designed to protect against the elements, and perhaps the occasional assailant. The tattered threads of his shirt, the wear of his boots, and the earthy scent hovering about him speak of a man accustomed to roughing it.


Brace is the son of Ser Durman Ryger, brother of Lord Dariel Ryger. He served as his father's squire, and was eventually annointed as a knight. He was not the most pious of knights, nor did he always present the most dignified face of knighthood. However, he was honorable where it counted, always ready to defend his House and mete out both justice and mercy.

Ser Brace before his injury

In the year 120, Brace was involved in a skirmish with a band of mercenaries, during which he suffered a tremendous blow to the head with a mace, strong enough to cave in his helm. He suffered for six weeks in agony, and the maester warned his father to prepare burial rites. But Brace was always a tough lad, and he refused to succumb. After those six weeks, he rose from his bed, ready to fight…apparently unaware of how much time had passed and that the battle was over.

Brace lost more than a victory during that battle. The damage to his brain left him a simpler man than he was, and unable to check his emotions. When he felt sorrow, he fell into fathomless pits of despair. When he felt joy, he could exhaust those around him with his boundless energy. When he felt anger, a berserk rage overtook him, making him a danger to nearly everyone around him.

Though he doesn't speak of it, Brace is a noble of House Ryger

In spite of Brace's weakness, he remained a noble and a knight. His family did what they could to keep him occupied with simple tasks that were worthy of his station, but not so important that he might cause too much trouble if he bungled it up.

Though slow and simple, Brace was not entirely stupid. He understood that he had been damaged, and could see how others treated him differently for it. He could handle such treatment from strangers, but from his own family, it was like a knife in his heart. Still, he loved them dearly and worried about the shame he brought upon them.

One morning in 123, he awoke in a tavern room after a night of heavy drinking. There were two bodies on the floor, a man and woman, and Brace's hands were covered in blood. He had no memory of the previous night's events, but even he assumed the worst. He knew his family would protect him, but it would be a heavy blow to the Ryger name. So he left, taking only the belongings he had with him, and fled to the south.

Along his journey, Brace quickly realized that he should not present himself as a Ryger, nor even as a noble or knight. Bearing no marks of his heritage or status, he became simply "Brace", taking work where he could find it as he travelled. By the time he reached Oldtown, he felt he had put enough distance between himself and the Riverlands to try to settle down.

RP Hooks

  • House Ryger: Though he isn't advertising it, Brace is the nephew of Dariel Ryger, Lord of Willow Wood. Do you have history with the Rygers? You may have met Brace, or heard about his unfortunate situation.
  • Easy Mark: It's sad, but true that Brace wouldn't be difficult to manipulate.


On Government
Brace doesn't give the government much thought. As a part of the noble house system, it has always seemed to work fine to him. There can be problems, of course, but that is why men such as knights exist, to right those wrongs.
On Religion
Brace believes in the Seven, and while he could be more devout, his faith is strong. He used to turn most to the Warrior for inspiration, but in the wake of his condition, his prayers are more often asking the Father and Mother for guidance.
On Foreigners
Brace hasn't met many from beyond Westeros. At this time they are simply a curiosity.


  • Cracked Skull: Brace suffered a severe head trauma that damaged his mental faculties. He can be a bit slow and forgetful.
  • Unchecked Emotions: The head trauma left Brace with almost no restraint on his emotions. Sometimes this makes him the life of the party, other times it makes him truly dangerous to be around.
  • Built Like an Aurochs: Brace stands at 6 feet and 6 inches, with broad shoulders and a muscular form.
  • Ruggedly Handsome: Sometimes it's easier to overlook the shortcomings of someone with chiseled features and a nice smile.
  • Self-Exile: Though technically still a noble and a knight, Brace chose to leave his family and status behind to spare his house further dishonor.
  • Wealth: Hard Times: Though noble born, Brace has cut himself off from his family, which means he no longer receives a stipend from them.

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