Character Details
Sullivan Stapleton
Sullivan Stapleton as Borros Baratheon
Name: Borros Baratheon
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The Stormlands
Organization: House Baratheon
Occupation: Lord
Rank: Great Noble Lord
Age: Mar 5 95 (26)

Lord Borros fled the Black Sickness, leaving Oldtown to return to Storm's End.


\With his height of six foot five, closely cut, dark black hair, and light blue eyes this man shows all the telltale qualities of a Baratheon. Dark stubble grows on his chin, roughly trimmed at all times so as to avoid a longer beard. By his broad shoulders and his mostly well-maintained physique, he obviously spends a good deal of time hard at work. That said, based on the faint roundness to his stomach, he also clearly enjoys his drink.


Borros Baratheon, first legitimate son of Boremund Baratheon, was born the heir to Storm's End. Despite his father's efforts, he didn't exactly make the best heir. There were times Lord Boremund even considered passing him up for a younger brother. However, for the time being, he remains next in line for the command of Storm's End. Despite his unwillingness to commit much time to practicing many of the skills necessary to take over for Lord Baratheon, Borros was always an excellent fighter and his larger-than-life, no nonsense attitude managed to win over most of the smallfolk. It was after a particularly extreme night drinking and carousing that Lord Boremund forced his son to travel to Oldtown on the pretense of developing a stronger presence for the Baratheons in the trade city. Rumors abound however, that the real reason Borros was sent to Oldtown was to keep him out of Boremunds hair.

RP Hooks

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  • Can't Read
  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Short-Tempered
  • Honorable
  • Fun-loving
  • Even More Belligerent
  • Stubborn

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