Lady of the Lonely Light
Erika Linder
Erika Linder as Blaithe Hill
Name: Blaithe Hill
Aliases: Laithey
Faction: The Iron Islands
Organization: None
Occupation: Lady of House Farwynd of the Lonely Light
Rank: Pending
Age: Feb 24 103 (18)


She's a slender young woman, fair of face with reddish-brown hair cut shoulder-length and boyish, with a fringe that falls over her face. Her features aren't as soft as one would find in a conventional beauty, but there is a delicate femininity in her bright blue eyes and full lips.

Her gown is a deep red kirtle over a brown underdress. A brown leather belt studded with bronze and tooled with patterns of rolling waves gathers the garment low on her waist. A silver necklace hangs in layers on her neck and decolletage, and caught in the delicate web of metal are seashells and semiprecious stones.


There was a Lord of House Reyne who had an illegitimate son named Blaithe Hill. He acknowledged the bastard because he was infatuated with his smallfolk mother. Blaithe was eleven when his parents had horrible falling out. He kept Blaithe to have a weapon to punish her with. There was a house in Oldtown owned by House Ashford. The Lord living there was an odd one, tucked away in the family townhouse out of sight out of mind. Blaithe's father owed the man a favor and had a child to be rid of. That's how Blaithe came to be a servant in a nobleman's house in Oldtown.

Blaithe spent most of his time helping in the kitchen or being a cupbearer. When he was older, he assisted His Lordship's valet. He grew up to be pretty rather than handsome, and when he matured, the 'odd' lord he served found reasons to get Blaithe alone. He and his unsavory friends got grabby sometimes. Blaithe learned to put them off and play on their wants. Sometimes he gave in, but it was on his terms, whether they realized it or not.

Meanwhile, Blaithe had his… no, her own issues to sort out, and there was no one there to help her through it. Ever since she was small, she knew she wasn't a boy. She wore boy clothes, faked a boy's identity, but it was a miserable act. She grew tough, hard, and resentful as she kept her secret.

When she was seventeen, she started burning bridges. She couldn't be arsed anymore to play the shy pretty boy act. The mounting insubordination came to a head with an argument that got her kicked out. She survived on the street, barely, for about a year. One night she got nabbed by Lord Killian Farwynd of the Lonely Light when she tried to pick his pocket. Long story short, they spent some time together and came to an understanding over a whole lot of alcohol. He needed a wife. She needed a new life.

So far they seem compatible enough. Blaithe knows she's using him, but he's doing the same to her, so that's jut the arrangement. He's nice to her, accepts her as she is, and even if it is of a remote House of the Iron Islands, she does get to be a noble lady.

RP Hooks

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  • Tenacious
  • Dual-Identity
  • Wealth: Poor
  • Adaptable
  • Bastard Born
  • Troubled Past

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