Character Details
Sigrid Agren
Sigrid Agren as Aylee Costayne
Name: Aylee Costayne
Aliases: None.
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Costayne
Occupation: Handmaiden
Rank: Minor Noble Lady
Age: Feb 22 104 (18)


Aylee Costayn was born on February 22nd 104 to Anders Costayne and Olessa Costayne nee Corbray; She was preceded by an older brother, and followed by three younger sisters, and spent much of her formative youth being shuffled between the septa and the maester. Olessa Costayne was a typically melancholly woman who missed the mountains, and didn't know what to do with a daughter besides; her father, though not unkind, had no more than a passing interest in his girl children. As a result, Aylee was more or less raised by surrogates; She saw her mother a little more frequently than her father, but her memories of the Olessa are mostly confined to images of a sad, pretty woman who sang Vale lullabies and smelled like the beautiful roses she often tended. By the age of three, Aylee was already a serious, thoughtful child; her mother gave birth to Kenna just before Aylee turned four, and because her mother suffered from depression after the birth, it was left to the nursemaid and little Aylee to care for the baby. Until about the age of eight, Aylee was quiet, passive, and typically didn't cause trouble; she was a quick learner, analytical and intuitive when it came to other people. Empathy, and devotion to her family were tempered by cynicism and an almost innate sense of what buttons she could push to get what she wanted. When Aylee was six, Alenna was born, followed by the same cycle of depression and care taking as before; Despite being well-provided for, Aylee's only sense of love and belonging came from her siblings, and because so many of them were so much younger, the relationship was initially as one-sided as her quiet longing for her mother's attention. At eight, Mairi was born, and Olessa died under mysterious circumstances. Anders withdrew into his work, and threw himself into preparing his heir to replace him. Aylee, Kenna, Alenna and Mairi were left to the care of their nursemaid and septa, nearly forgotten for about five years. In that time, Aylee learned her lessons dutifully, and absorbed the wisdom of their maester; Maester Jirald had been the son of a diplomat before taking vows, and because she was so often alone perhaps he took pity on her. She learned of intrigue at his elbow and though she attended to her other lessons and dutifully completed the tasks he set before her, he was an intelligent enough man to see that her heart wasn't in it. No, Aylee's heart was more concerned with people and their inner workings; she understood people in a way that cannot be taught and because of it also suffered from cynicism unbecoming of a lady. Perhaps Jirald thought that etiquette, manners and a knowledge of politics and intrigue might do her good. Perhaps he saw that she was a girl naturally suited to persuasion and manipulation. Whatever the case, Aylee was well equipped for court life and survival amidst strangers by 14, when she was sent to Cider Hall.

Aylee was sent away with very little hesitation; her father had remarried just before her birthday, and Aylee is all but certain that Anders' new wife Claere Costayne nee Cuy simply hadn't taken to her as she had to Alenna and Mairi, and wanted to make room in the house for her own children. At first Aylee was distraught and homesick; she had all but raised her sisters and being uprooted from the only family she'd ever known was a distress to say the least. Add that to the fact that after she'd settled in at Cider Hall, she realized that her peers had heard rumors of what happened to her mother and had no qualms about spreading gossip and it's little wonder that her first few months were spent in dutiful silence. Upon her arrival, Aylee Costayne was considered a quiet girl who listened carefully and spoke very little. After a month or two, Marsei Fossoway melted through Aylee's prim exterior; if not for the former Hightower's companionship, Aylee may never have recovered from being uprooted so suddenly. Marsei was warm and welcoming, and though Aylee quite disliked her husband, she was happy to spend her days reporting gossip to her lady and entertaining the whims of her friends. What she had not been able to learn of intrigue from Maester Jirald, she learned from Marsei; the woman had a gift for turning a situation to her advantage and for steering her drunkard husband out of uncharted waters. Aylee admired her and because she had spent so many years as a mother figure to her own sisters, comforting her lady was not so difficult for her as it might have been for her peers. Marsei often abandoned the marriage bed and came to sleep with her ladies; At night Aylee sang her songs, combed fingers through her hair, and tried to offer comfort and counsel where she could. During the day, Marsei was the perfect happy wife without a touch of shadow to her demeanor. Aylee admired that too; she learned what she could of of deception from watching her mistress and applying what she already knew. Jarvas' death was a blow to Marsei; The widow and her handmaids returned to Hightower, but Marsei did not recover her brightness. As a person who had lost her mother at a young age and who had never been offered any real words of comfort, Aylee did not know what to say. So she said nothing; Instead she took it upon herself to assist Siva, Marsei's favored handmaid, with any tasks that might need doing. Though Marsei is now mostly recovered, Aylee still frets; she is still a quiet, thoughtful young woman, and she still keeps an ear out for any information or gossip that might interest her mistress, but the unexpected betrothal has made her feel quite uncertain about her own position.

RP Hooks

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  • Attractive
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Troubled Past
  • Can Sell Wildlings Ice
  • Cynic
  • Pragmatic
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