Lady Ayla Caron of Nightsong
Haifa Wehbe
Haifa Wehbe as Ayla Caron
Name: Ayla Caron
Aliases: Poesy
Faction: The Stormlands
Organization: House Caron
Occupation: Noblewoman and Trader
Rank: House Caron
Age: Sep 14 105 (17)


Dagger straight locks as dark as the night spill to this young woman's mid-back. She's of middling height and fair of skin, with high cheekbones and sharp features that grant her an imperious bearing. Grey-blue eyes contrast the pitch dark locks that frame her diamond-shaped face. Long limbs and a full figure are swathed in black fabric, while a yellow sash cinches her waist and drapes across her hips. A flurry of fanciful black nightingales in various stages of flight and song are embroidered along the yellow sash. The square neckline cuts low and does little to reduce the sharpness of her features. Drooping sleeves feature a simple yellow trim, leaving her slim-fingered hands bare.


Ayla was born to the middle-aged heir of House Caron in September, 105 AC. She's one of the youngest and so was not given as much attention as her older siblings, and some say this is the cause of her tomboyish youth. Her irregular behavior ended after she challenged one of her elder brothers. Though it's no question that she kept away in her room for the months to follow, there's some manner of dispute as to why. Some say she was beaten so badly that she couldn't leave her bed and point to the Maester's frequent visits as evidence. Others say she was so soundly shamed into acting like a proper lady that she spent the months sewing a tunic for her brother as apology, or even thanks, depending on who tells the story. What is known is that she held little ill will toward her brother thereafter, and did not attempt to walk the martial path again.

In time she focused more on making dresses and learning courtly manners, but soon her attention there waned. Instead she would often be found with her nose buried in a tome. Even when she stopped to watch the Knights and Man-At-Arms train she would have a book on military tactics or history nearby. As she grew this did her few favors in finding a husband among the martial Dornish Marches, despite the prestige of her house. Still she's young enough that her parents have yet to fret over finding her a suitor.

Not long after her seventeenth nameday she attended a tournament in the Dornish Marches. She got along quite well with a Lannister from Lannisport — well enough to kindle some rumors. Letters went back and forth between Nightsong and Lannisport regularly until, at last, she left for Oldtown where he was heading on business. They met once in a public location, spoke briefly, and then he took his leave from the city. Little is known about the details of their conversation except that she was given a sizeable sum of coin and remains within the city.

RP Hooks

  • Martial: House Caron has a martial history, and Ayla is fond of Knights, Sellswords, and soldiers.
  • Commercial: Ayla has a tremendous personal interest in trade & economics.
  • Naval: Some rumors say that Ayla came to Oldtown to invest a loan into a trading ship. Do you know about seafaring?
  • Scholarly: Because she always has her nose in a book, Ayla is something of a history buff.
  • Musical: Ayla is a singer! She's not very good, but always looks to improve. Can you sing? Do you like to sing?
  • Dorne: Do you hate the Dornish? Are you Dornish? Nightsong and Dorne have a bitter history.
  • Espionage: She writes an awful lot of letters. Do you want to peep them? Take them? Slip misinformation in?


  • Attractive
  • Can Sell Wildlings Ice
  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Short Temper
  • Allergic to Poppy
  • In Debt to House Lannister

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