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Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman as Ayhendor
Name: Ayhendor
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: Sothoryos
Organization: {$org}
Occupation: Foreigner
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Jun 1 78 (45)


A tall, black-skinned man is this one- he is roughly six and a third feet tall when standing up proud. His eyes are black, and his hair is blonde- he keeps it cropped close to his scalp. He is lithely muscular, particularly for his height-
his strength is obviously entirely functional and without anything more or less. He wears somewhat loose garb that allows for easy and full ranges of motion- leather leggings, a doublet and leather tunic, with a waist-slung belt that holds a satchel and a sheathed bastard sword on the left hip and two sheathed daggers on the right hip.


Ayhendor was born on Naath, and it became almost immediately apparent that he did not belong there. At a very young age, during his play times with other kids, when things did not go his way he would lash out physically. At first, his
parents and the others tried to teach him that violence was wrong, and that he must never do that. But, by the age of 13, it became apparent that the lesson would never strike home. Slavers came and, taking his father immediately, they
began to rape his mother. Ayhendor, who had been eating before the raid, took his dinner knife and promptly stuck it through the side of the man's head, in one ear and out the other. His mother was shocked, and the raiders beat him before they took him. The slavers saw his spirit, though, and soon enough decided to give him a blade and set him to work as a type of enforcer. Even though Ayhendor was different than his fellow Naathi, and could never be one of them, he still hated that he was being set against them.

Ayhendor went on to quell a few non-Naathi lead slave rebellions with the help of others, but he stuck out amongst the slaver's defenders. They decided to have him undergo training with some of their best armsmen, with the intent of
selling him to become a bodyguard of some noble. This plan worked wonderfully for them- and for Ayhendor. He was sold to a Lyssian merchant who used him as protection for the ladies at a brothel he owned. One of the ladies befriended
Ayhendor, and she claimed to be a noblewoman from Braavos. She had Ayhendor discretely get a letter sent to there at great risk to himself, and less than a month afterwards they were both freed by a Braavosian nobleman and his coin.

Ayhendor served the nobleman who freed her and the lady, and was offered teaching in whatever it was he wished to learn. Already a good armsman, he decided to learn how to heal wounds from the nobleman's people. He was also given free reign over the libraries, where he learned of astronomy, and the lores of both magic and the occult. He also trained with the blacksmith to make his own swords and armor, so that he may never be helpless, and he studied the art of warfare as well.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, the nobleman Ayhendor was serving died, and the noblewoman, though she dearly liked Ayhendor, just could not afford to keep him around without the nobleman's leadership. So she released Ayhendor, who has now gone over to Westeros. He has travelled over Westeros some, but his latest destination is Oldtown, in the Reach.

RP Hooks


  • Black eyes as opposed to golden
  • Not a pacifist
  • Eats meat
  • Wealth: Poor

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