Character Details
Emily Blunt
Emily Blunt as Audra
Name: Audra
Aliases: N/A
Faction: The Reach
Organization: Undercity
Occupation: Baker
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Aug 1 98 (24)


Perhaps she's a Lannister's daughter - her sparkling green-grey eyes and hair with a golden luster would hint at it. Her hands are too well-worked and callused for her to be of the upper class, but her face is fair and without blemish, and quite fetching by most standards. She stands fairly tall for a woman at five-feet and six-inches, and while she is on the thin side, her figure is well suited to her frame. Her lips are a cherry red color- natural or cosmetic being impossible to determine.

She wears the rich grey linens of the middle class. The dress laces just below her bosom and the set of her buttery-soft wool chemise is set equally low to display her cleavage to fetching form. It falls open above the hips to give her a low waistline and emphasize her curves. The green underskirt is equally fine linen with banding in a copper and brighter shade of summer green with the opened sleeves matching when drawn back.

A single gold band rings her heart-finger on the left and has a roughly cut emerald in it that matches her eyes. Her right bears a silver capped ring with a tiny garnet atop the piece. Her necklaces are gold chain of a wide link with a locket shaped as a seven-pointed star and a thinner one of amber and silver beads.


She was born of a whore and a Lannister; at least that's what her mother -liked- to claim. It explained the pretty golden locks and green-grey eyes, but it was more likely a Lannister's bastard child than one of the Great House stooping so low. Audra grew up in the streets, on the streets, and of the streets, and learned early on a fairly pretty girl with all her teeth can find ways to earn coin above and beyond begging. Audra learned how to fashion herself to fit the client of the moment- a quick tumble in a back alley or someone with coin looking for a spot of posh. Cosmetics soon gave way to concoctions and she learned how to mix together a few surprises to help roll out of town sailors of their coin. She also picked up how to brew Moon Tea, which has become an essential staple of any girl working that line of profession.

Audra's charm and witty ways soon caught the eye of a well-to-do baker of middle years named Terris. He was not comfortable around most girls as they intimidated him, but Audra was able to give him the meek and gentle girl he always wanted. Soon instead of being an occasional thing, Terris was buying her pretty gifts, dresses, new shoes… her john became her lover, and soon he grew guilty of their relationship (through her subtle manipulations) and he took her to the sept where they were bound in holy marriage. Although she's given up her tricks, she continues to work at her concoctions - finding a new way to deliver them as needed to her sisters. Audra uses her new respectable position to 'give alms' to the poor and downtrodden of Undercity and has been known to slip a little vial of something in a loaf of bread for specific customers. Despite her manipulations of him, Audra does have a great deal of affection for her sweet stupid husband and hopes to someday provide him a son and heir to take on the bakery.

Terris and his fathers before him have owned the largest bakery in the Shambles, employing dozens of bakers boys day and night. He sends carts with pre-made goods out into the Oldtown Square and other populated locations. The bakery is respectable enough to where clients on the 'Good" side of the city can stop in for fresh pastries and sweets, sometimes leaving drops for their contacts in the Undercity. Then at night, Audra makes her charitable donations to the right people and ensures the messages get passed on. Likewise, she is known to stop by noble and rich merchant households with 'special deliveries'. Her place between the sewer and the sunlight gives her a rarefied air - sometimes she forgets her place on either side but it also means others forget her origins on the docks. Few in the Undercity know the baker's pretty young wife is a talented poisoner and such a secret is a valuable one to keep. Audra's even gotten good at baking and cooking herself, for those occasions when something extra special is required.

RP Hooks

Always call a whore a lady - She's a respectable wife of a above-board baker, but she had plenty of tumbles and tricks turned in the streets. Ex-john? Former Pimp? Someone who recalls seeing her a party as 'entertainment?' A fellow girl of the streets looking for a cup of Moon Tea and a sympathetic ear?

Mistress Baker- While not as talented with the craft as her husband, Audra has learned the art of cooking and baking for herself. She is faithful (mostly) to her husband unless situations demand otherwise. She enjoys being his wife and the comfort and security such a position brings.

A little something -extra- in the dough- There's a few people in the Undercity who know Audra's talents as a poison tester, and even fewer who know she's quite skilled a making nasty little surprises.

Between Shadow and Sunlight - Audra walks comfortably between the city proper in her husband's circles and her old life as a doxy / entertainer. She has friends and enemies on both sides.


  • Air of Respectability - Being Terris' wife and being a figure prone to charity work lends her a respectable sort of persona
  • Addicted to Gambling - She can't resist a bet and is often times in debt to various figures- her skills quickly sort her debts but it's all too soon before she's at it again and in the red.
  • Puts on Airs - Sometimes she forgets where she came from - or she's chosen to forget…
  • Connections: Undercity - Although being a married woman of respectability, she's not entirely cut ties with her sisters of the streets and the men and women of the shadier parts of town.
  • Wealth: Middle Class - Her husband's bakery does quite well and is held as a respectable place for nobles and posh clients to get their bread and sweets.
  • Sells Ice to Wildlings - Her charm is what got her out of the alleys and into Terris' warm bed and bakery.

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Little Old Neighbor - Esme has become as much a fixture of the Shambles as Terris has and has known him all of his days. She is to butchery what Terris is to baking; THE person to go to for meat. She is a sharp little old woman but sometimes a bit dotty. Her son is about as bright as yeast. She knows of Audra's past but knows that the baker's wife truly does care for him.


Husband - Sweet stupid Terris is Audra's husband. He thinks himself a hero for raising a sweet flower out of the gutter where she was trampled. He dotes on her and doesn't think for a moment she's kept contact with anyone from her 'hard days'. She does love him and wants to ensure their life together is happy and free from strife - she's willing to go to great lengths to ensure that. Someday, she hopes to bear him a son to pass the family bakery on to.


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