Prince Auberyn (NPC)
Nobody In Particular
Nobody In Particular as Auberyn Nymeros Martell
Name: Auberyn Nymeros Martell
Aliases: The Perfumed Prince
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Martell
Occupation: Prince
Rank: Prince
Age: 47 (born 75 AC)

"My native disposition, though I say it, is extremely amiable when I am not bothered." ~ John Ruskin


A handsome older Dornish prince, clean-shaven and perfumed and battle-scarred, dressed in glorious silken robes in the reds and oranges and golds of House Martell. Come on. You know exactly what he looks like.


A younger brother of Princess Amarei of Dorne, Prince Auberyn has been for many years a fixture of his sister's court at Sunspear (and the Shadow City beyond its walls). He is more noted for his flagrant pursuit of lovers of both sexes, the spendthrift magnificence of his hospitality, and the lifelong fascination with fragrance which has earned him the soubriquet the Perfumed Prince, than for doggedly beating back the Westerosi Menace along the Red Mountains. The spurs he was awarded at nineteen, having been nominally squired to one of his princely uncles, he seems to regard as a fashion accessory: to be shown off on appropriate occasions, but always worn with nonchalance. Inasmuch as he keeps himself in fine physical condition it's to partake of the possibilities open to an unhealthy mind in a healthy body.

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  • Not Even The Spare
  • Plenty Of Paramours
  • Unrepentant Hedonist
  • Famous: Perfumed Prince
  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Quite Secure In His Masculinity, Thanks For Asking


  • Prince Auberyn led the Dornish force fighting alongside the Triarchy against Prince Daemon Targaryen in the War for the Stepstones. Knights of the six northern kingdoms seeking glory of their own in the same war, would have fought on the opposing side — or died on the opposing side…
  • He has buried two wives, both of them very young, neither of them his own choice. The first died in childbed, a natural enough tragedy. The second, a Lyseni woman named Amanira Essatis, took her own life; and unkind rumours blamed the prince's inattention and constant infidelities for her unhappiness during the eight years of their marriage.
  • In late 115 AC he fought a duel against a Dayne knight who accused him of being as responsible for his second wife's death as if he'd plunged a knife into her with his own hand. Accounts of the conflict differ, with some observers claiming the Dayne yielded only to be struck down regardless, and other observers disagreeing and calling the first lot liars, and yet others of the opinion that perhaps the Dayne had it in mind to surrender but the prince, out of his mind with grief, simply didn't realise. It could be argued that telling a bereaved Dornish prince he's at fault in his wife's suicide is, in itself, a form of suicide; nonetheless he is not House Dayne's most favourite prince.
  • His first wife was a Dalt, his grown-up children are half-Dalt, and through the years he has remained on good terms with that house and often counted a Dalt or two amongst his intimates. When in 123 AC he needed a place to hide away from the world with a new and secret paramour he invited himself to Lemonwood; he and the lady remained in seclusion there for two months, without the Dalts or any of their people setting eyes upon her face. Word did get out, however, that the Perfumed Prince was disporting himself with a scarlet woman beneath the lemon trees.
  • His appetite for beautiful lovers of either sex and any age is legendary even amongst the Dornish nobility. Almost anyone he's met in the last thirty years could have been the companion of an evening or two.
  • Given that he's Princess Amarei's youngest and most appetising brother, no doubt some houses in Dorne have had an eye on him in recent years as a potential means of allying themselves with the Martells. He has however thwarted any such schemes by taking as his third wife a lady of his own choice, who shares all his own inclinations: Joyeuse Florent Martell, a much-married northerner with a great deal of salacious gossip attached to her name. Plenty of people on both sides of the border look askance at such unions; in this case, especially, the lady might be considered a less than eligible parti for a Dornish prince.

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Wife ~ The prince's old friend, new bride, and companion in a thousand delicious amusements — and, of his trio of wives, the only one he had the liberty of choosing for himself.


Princess Amarei of Dorne
Sister ~ The occasional minor sibling squabble aside, Prince Auberyn is a loyal subject and loving little brother of Dorne's ruling princess; and the more legitimate descendants she puts between him and her throne, the happier he is.


Everybody Else
Lovers ~ He's been there; also, he's done that.

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