Maester to House Hightower
George Blagden
George Blagden as Maester Arwyn
Name: Maester Arwyn
Aliases: "Baby Maester"
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Occupation: Maester to House Hightower
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Age: 17



  • Formerly a Beesbury. Youngest brother to Alan Beesbury.
  • He is quite a prodigy and became Maester at 16. He always wanted to be a Maester and was one of the youngest to start training. He was made maester a month before the very venerable former Maester for the Hightower's passed away. He has to often contend with not being taken seriously. Many of the other advisers barb him when he makes a suggestion. It's been made all to clear that Ormund only accepted the appointing of this new baby maester as a favor to his little sister who is married to Arwyn's big brother.


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