Septon Artorian died of the Black Sickness.

Septon Artorian
Alan Rickman
Alan Rickman as Artorian
Name: Artorian
Aliases: Septon Snide
Faction: Godsworn
Organization: Faith of the Seven
Occupation: Septon
Rank: Most Devout
Age: 47


Artorian is a thin, tall man in is late forties, with sallow skin and a large, hooked nose. He has shoulder-length, greasy black hair which frames his face, and cold, black eyes. He wears black, flowing robes which give him the appearance of an overgrown bat when he moves. His expression is often one of contempt, and he’s rarely seen without a sneer.


On July 7, 74, a sleepy Septon entered the temple of the Starry Sept, preparing for the sunrise service. In a basket laid before the Mother’s altar, he found a sleeping baby, wrapped in a fine blanket pinned with a jeweled brooch. Sighing that yet another bastard had been left, the Septon sold the brooch and hired a wet nurse. The child was called simply Boy for the first several years of his life.


There was no question in his mind that he’d be a priest, and he eagerly learned all he could by watching and serving the Septons. He was a bright lad who could have easily been a maester, but his life was devoted to the Faith of the Seven. In his thirteenth year, he stated his intentions and took the name Artorian. Three years later, he took his vows.

Years of faithful service passed, and Artorian rose to prominence as an instructor and historian. He’s feared by initiates as a stern and peevish teacher, pious in the extreme. Soon, he found himself one of the Most Devout, and a particularly irritable member of the council. He’s open about his contempt for the High Septon, whom he feels is little more than the king’s sycophant.


Wealth: Opulent

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