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Lord Arto Rowan
David Wenham
David Wenham as Arto Rowan
Name: Arto Rowan
Aliases: Lord Rowan
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Rowan
Occupation: Knight & Lord of Goldengrove
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Apr 11 91 (30)


A man who stands about six foot five with a build that is both lean and well muscled. Hair of a light golden brown falls in loose waves to just above his shoulders. Low set trimmed brows of the same shade sit above eyes of a bright blue flecked with grey. His face is oval in shape his nose rather prominate and his lips small and full with a ring of stubble around them and over the base of his strong jaw. His neck is short and rather thick his body trained to be both strong and agile. He is often seen wearing fine and elegant yet practical clothing or a set of full plate bearing the crest of House Rowan. He is no matter what else he wears always seen carrying a pair of twin long blades at his sides within easy reach of his large gloved hands.


As the third son of Lord Aldron Rowan of the main line of House Rowan Arto was often brushed aside in favor of his older brothers Aedan and Lucan. His father favored his heir Aedan above all and Arto's second brother Lucan was so absorbed in trying to prove his worth that the nearly silent and calculating third son was forgotten. Arto was strong and clever possibly more so than his brothers but it was never acknowledged. His mother died when he was a boy shortly after his birth and his father tended to place the blame of her death on his third son. Arto spent most of his childhood sneaking around and reading history or hunting and tracking. When he was nine he squired to a Tyrell knight much to his fathers chagrin. His own father thought he was weak and said he would never become a knight. Arto earned his spurs with pride at the tender age of eighteen.

It was only then that Aldron Rowan saw the threat his third son had become. After Aldron overheard whisperings of a witch speaking a prophecy about his house he had the woman brought before him and questioned. Apparently Aldron's paranoia was justified as the witch predicted the death of him and all his sons in the next thirteen years, all his sons save Arto. Aldron was determined not to let this come to pass. Arto would not turn on his family if Lord Rowan had his say. Arto was talented, clever and cruel and extremely ambitous in his fathers mind. Where most saw a talented young knight Aldron saw an usurper to his and his favored sons rightful place. He exiled Arto on his nineteenth nameday.

Arto took his horse and armor and left to Essos. For years he served as a mercenary and nurtured his brutal uncaring side. If his father thought he was a monster to start with he should see what he had created now. Arto slowly through his time in Essos began to question his faith in the seven. If his god were truly real and right and just then they must have forsaken him as he was far from just even in his own mind. In the end Arto turned to worship R'hllor as he felt a kinship with fire and its dual nature of causing destruction and providing life and warmth.

For five years Arto worked as a mercenary in Essos he even managed to form his own small group of men who followed him. They did the jobs no one else wanted they where stealthy, quick and brutal in battle. And then the most unexpected thing happened. A raven arrived from home, from Westeros, his father wrote to Arto saying that if he returned home he would be his heir. The letter was bitter and angry, apparently shortly after Arto's departure Aldron's second son died in a hunting accident. Then just a month prior to the letter the Aldron's heir died as well when the whore house he frequented caught fire. Arto found this amusing and very symbolic and was sorely tempted to let his father rot but the temptation to ruin the mans pride and break family traditions was too great.

Arto returned to Westeros within the month to find his father as bitter and angry as he remembered him. The man was spiteful even as he arranged for Arto to marry a Hightower woman by the name of Analise. Analise was a kind woman sweet, innocent and utterly boring in Arto's eyes. He was always afraid he would corrupt or break her. However she did give him a son. Thadeus was a healthy boy though his birth took a lot out of his mother. Arto was delighted with his son and wanted another. His wife died in childbirth roughly two years after the birth of their son taking the baby with her. Arto was furious and grief stricken and his fathers comments that he would bring only death and destruction did not help the Rowan heirs waning sanity. He had taken alot of grief over the years and he closed himself off from affection almost completely after Analise died.

Three years later Lord Aldron rode out to aid an allied Westerlands House in a skirmish that threaten to spill across their borders. When his body was returned to Goldengrove Arto took the mantle of Lord Rowan and then proceeded to pursue who he thought was the cause of his fathers death to Oldtown. He took Thadeus with him as he kept his son quite close since his mothers death. It was rumored Arto's father had been aiding noble houses who fought against the Lady Tarbeck and Arto as the new Lord Rowan intends to find this lady and thank her properly for his newfound position.

RP Hooks

Lord Rowan: As the acting lord of one of the older Reach houses Arto has a good deal of political power and even more ambition. Want to make an strong ally or a vicious enemy?

Well Traveled: Arto spent years in Essos and traveling the Free Cities. He speaks Braavosi and has been to Braavos, Pentos and Lys.

R'hllor: Arto's secret and true religion. He keeps this a close guarded secret now that he has returned to Westeros. Fellow followers may seek him out or followers of the Seven who discover this may try to turn him away from his god.

The Seven: Arto pays lip service as a knight but his faith in these gods is long dead. They offered him no comfort and he owes them nothing in his mind. Still religious debates are possible as he feels strongly about this subject and getting him riled up over the Seven is quite easy.

Cold Hearted: Arto is very bitter and angry over his life and how he was treated. Emotional wounds have been left untreated and have festered into something ugly. Arto is a cold closed off sort who keeps his heart in a locked iron box behind walls and walls of defenses. He can smile and act normal but he is also very close to falling off the edge of the cliff leading to madness and grief. People around him are likely to influence his behavior one way or the other…


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Arto's Theme Song - Monster by Imagine Dragons

To Analise - Let Her Go by Passenger


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