Character Details
Kevin J Ryan
Kevin J Ryan as Arros Sand
Name: Arros Sand
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Dayne
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Bastard
Age: Oct 10 100 (20)


This young man is tall, his shoulders broad and muscled, and his waist trim and fit. He is swarthy complected with dark sable curls that curl lazily around his ears and soften the strong masculine planes of his face. His brows are thick, but not so thick that they dominate his face. His nose is aquiline and slightly pointed at the end. His lips are full, soft in appearance, and sensual. However, the most breathtaking feature of this young man is not his lips. His eyes are a startling shade of indigo that contrasts with his swarthy skin.


Arros' story begins before he was born. His father, Lord Dayne of Starfall, was squire to a Qorgyle knight at Sandstone, and betrothed to Lord Qorgyle's eldest daughter. It was not, however, the eldest daughter that caught the young Dayne's eye, but rather her cousin, a maiden whose positioning was lesser than that of the future Lord Dayne's intended. Still, fool hearty and in love, the two ran away together to Hellholt, where they were sheltered by Lord Uller, a former fellow squire and friend to the future Lord Dayne. There he took the lesser Qorgyle maid as his paramour, and became determined to someday persuade his father to allow him to marry her. And so it is at Hellholt where Arros was born, and his parents spend several happy years together.

Their happiness was interrupted when Arros' grandfather, old and ill, made a demand to his son; return to Starfall and marry his betrothed or be disowned and disinherited. It was at the urging of Arros' mother that his father put her aside, and the two were most unhappily parted when Arros was six years old. Unable to return to Sandstone, his mother remained at Hellholt under the protection of Lord Uller. Lord Uller grew to love Arros' mother in this time, but honored his friendship too much to take her for himself. And so Arros was raised by his father's friend for several years.

When Arros was ten his grandfather passed, and his father became Lord of Starfall. The new Lord Dayne wasted no time in in sending for his paramour and bastard son, and made the choice to place his lover above his wife. It was his paramour that sat beside him in official matters, and she who he went to for counsel. Arros was treated as Lord Dayne's true born son while his heir, a girl eight years Arros' junior, was neglected by her father. This would have serious consequences for Arros and his mother later. His father's wife and half-sister would grow to despise the boy.

Again, Lord Dayne and his love would be parted. This time forever. As much as his father loved him and his mother, the law could not be ignored. His young half-sister was the new Lady Dayne. Fearing for her and her son's life, Arros' mother fled to Hellholt with her son. There Arros served as squire to Lord Uller, and his mother mourned. Lord Uller instilled in in Arros a sense of chivalry and honor. He loved Arros as much as he loved Arros' mother. In time, Arros' mother finished grieving for his father, and even if she could not love Lord Uller as she had loved her Lord Dayne, she still cared for him a great deal. She agreed to marry him, and soon gave Lord Uller a son and heir. At eighteen, Arros was anointed in the oils of the Seven, and became a full fledged Knight. He remained at Hellholt for several years, serving his stepfather, until he decided it was time to see more of the world. Lord and Lady Uller agreed, and so Arros said goodbye to his family in Hellholt, and sat out for Oldtown.

RP Hooks

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  • Anointed Knight
  • Chivalrous
  • Sense of Duty
  • Bastard: Son of Paramour
  • Overconfident
  • Wealth : Comfortable

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