The Desert Fox
Aitor Luna
Aitor Luna as Arrick Gargalen
Name: Arrick Gargalen
Aliases: The Desert Fox
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Gargalen
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Oct 5 97 (23)


The fabled cockatrice of House Gargalen could possess no greater pride nor deadly grace than this young Gargalen, a man of obvious high noble stock. This man is the consummate Dornish warrior, tall and well-tanned, with muscles that tighten across his body like the Warrior himself come to life. Atop the man's head rests thick black hair, almost coarse, if not for the gleam of the locks. At the moment this man has his hair pulled back into a tightened ponytail, an obvious effort to keep his dark flowing locks from roaming about in the sea breeze.

Ser Arrick Gargalen can be seen wearing a fine Dornish silk robe, colored in Gargalen red, black and yellow, tied at the waist with black leather and a buckle of copper scales. As your eyes move down the flowing robes you come to the man's feet, which are covered by fine, black leather boots, perfect for court and for riding, a Dornish necessity.


Ser Arrick is the 3rd child of Lord Ander Gargalen, behind heir to Salt Shore, Inzio Gargalen and sister Sabrina Gargalen. This position has given Arrick considerable leeway in how he conducts himself in life as his father's only request of him has been to advance the house name in a way that in 100 years people will not only remember who the Lord of Salt Shore was, they'll remember his son, Ser Arrick.

RP Hooks

Are you one to gamble on just about anything? Arrick loves that!

Do you hate Reachmen or Stormlanders? Arrick will love you!

Have you been to Dorne? You'll like have heard of the 'Desert Fox' while moving across the desert!

Have you been to a tournament in Dorne? Arrick is well-known for his jousting prowess, he's just never been outside Dorne until now!


* Addicted to Gambling - Arrick isn't addicted to gambling in the sense that he'll bet the shirt off his back when he's down, it's more of that Arrick likes to go against the odds so he can always win big and thus finds himself gambling more often than not.

* Overconfident - In going against the odds so often and winning, Arrick has found himself to be more sure of his abilities than he probably should be.

* Famous: The Desert Fox - In Dorne, those who recieve a byname, for the most part, do things to set themselves apart from their brothers and sisters. Arrick is no different, as from a young child he ould disappear into the desert north of Salt Shore for days on end, causing his father to remark, "Where did my Desert Fox get off to now?" The name has stuck, so much that sometimes Arrick is referred to it by those who know the story. When a tournament is held in Dorne, Ser Arrick goes by the Desert Fox and if his brother, the heir to Salt Shore competes he replaces the red and yellow cockatrice of his arms with his own set of arms, with a red and yellow fox ever present.

* Wealth: Comfortable - Arrick is the second son of a Lord of Dorne, he is never wanting for anything.

* Tough - Arrick is a warrior and is willing to take a beating so long as he's able to return the pain twofold.

* Knight - Arrick was knighted after the events on the Boneway by Lord Wyl, it was a proud moment for a worthy achievement.

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