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John Abraham
John Abraham as Arnau Blackmont
Name: Arnau Blackmont
Aliases: Defender of the western Marches, First Sword of the Red Mountains
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Blackmont
Occupation: Heir
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Feb 25 93 (28)


Tall, with broad shoulders, Arnau has a warrior's physique aside from his almost delicate waistline. He has short dark hair and an even short dark beard that covers the strong line of his jaw, swarthy skin having seem battle and sun. Green eyes are piercing under dark brows, his face made of hard chiseled planes. Clothing is Dornish in styling, with flowing robes in rich colors and patterns.


When border raids between Dorne and the Reach escalated into war on the Marches many lives were changed forever. The bloody conflict decimated the lands and those on them, seeming endless as lusts for vengeance never seemed to fade. While many Dornish fought on the Marches proper, including his brother, Arnau Blackmont guarded passes in the Red Mountains to try and keep the invaders from making further inroads. Though trained in combat and deadly with a sword, he was more gifted in the strategy of warfare than in single combat. Enemies had fallen to his blade, but he was was never the kind of warrior to single highhandedly turn the tide of a battle as the famous knights of the tales did, cutting through impossible swaths of men. He relied on his skills of body and mind, as well as those of men he fought beside. Duty and violence brought with it a close comradery between men, and in some instances, intimacy as well.

When a tenuous peace was finally brokered between the factions, families were left decimated. Many in house Blackmont were massacred in the fighting, including the Head of the House and his son, leaving his wife to take his place. A year later she too passed away, ostensibly from mourning, and the next nearest family member took up the mantle. With the sudden rise of his father into the position of Great Lord of House Blackmont, Arnau found himself in a new position of power as Heir. With this change, he had new responsibilities placed upon his shoulders which he bore with his customary exterior austerity and inner fire.

Within two years it he was married to the Lady Yael Manwoody, after she had returned from her time growing up in the court of Sunspear. The betrothal was arranged by their parents and they spent little enough time with each other before being wed. Perhaps if they had, they would've known how much contention would exist between their strong wills in the early marriage. In time, and with some efforts and concessions on both sides, they grew into a partnership. They recognized each others strengths and learned to soothe tempers. He handled the state of politics and military affairs and she sought deals of trade and economics. If they looked for romance in others, they remained dedicated to each other.

Arnau arrived in Oldtown aboard a small fleet of a half-dozen ships with bright yellow sails, rigged in the Dornish manner. With him came a glittering train of retainers in silks and cloth of gold, in the company of several of Dornes most famed knights in their shining armor and fine silken banners. He remains in town after the dramatic Trial of the Seven, where the so-called Lords Errant prevailed over their Accusers in a ferocious and bloody contest that left all parties wounded and one slain.

RP Hooks

  • Family in the news - House Blackmont is currently notorious for their supposed massacre of fifty members of House Cockshaw on a cross-border raid at Wickham's Nest.
  • If you were an eligible Dornish Lady in the last ten years he might have made a bad impression on you when he was supposed to be courting.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Hard Willed
  • Collects Shanties
  • Guarded
  • Heir Apparent

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Wife — Neither of us are what the other would have chosen for a spouse. Wed hardly knowing one another, supposing we would have a lifetime to learn…I have thought perhaps we never should have been matched in the first place. I think it has surprised us both how much we have missed each other in these months of absence. She is a sandstorm. Perhaps the grains have finally worn down my armor and gotten under my skin.


Brother — He styles himself as a True Knight, the chivalrous warrior, the defender of the weak and seeker of what is right and just. I can only hope he is allowed the freedom to remain true to this, as I am not. For I know that sometimes justice is bought by wicked deeds and I do not have the luxury to always be good. May his temper not be his undoing.


Neighbor — A woman once spurned makes for an unusual ally, but here she is. Then again, as Head of her House, with no shortage of lovers, I believe she has done better for herself without my hand.


Good Acquaintance — Though young, seemingly of sounding mind than many, as well as kind and charming. I can see why my wife likes her so.


House Cockshaw
Enemy — An insufferably smug bunch. I will find a way to use them for my own benefit one day or at least enact some small vengeance, even if it be petty.


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