Lord Arn died heroically in service to the Oldtown City Watch.

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Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus as Lord Arn Tully
Name: Lord Arn Tully
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Occupation: Noble
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Age: 28


Arn Tully is a well built man in his late twenties. One of the first things notices about him is the weather look of his features while he is not old and is a noble it does not look like he is a stranger to the elements. His blue eyes have a piercing quality as he tends to look around the area hie is in often. His hair is cut short and the color is a mix of red and brown that leans towards the reds in the summer and the brown in the winters depending of course on the amount of sun he is getting.

He is currently wearing his armor, it is not especially heavy consisting mainly of mail. the connected links laying over the sturdy cloths he is wearing underneath covering his chest on arms and draping over his waist leaving his legs free for movement. those legs are covers with riding britches which are tucked into a fine pair of riding boots. Over the armor is his tabbard bearing the insignia of the City Watch.


Arn is a third son in a cadet branch of the Tully family. Not having good prospects for inheriting he joined the military. He has survived for the last decade loyally. Recently he has pulled a few strings to be transferred. Now he acts as the unofficial enforcer of the Tully family and it's Head in Oldtown.


  • Too literal -Arn sometimes finds it hard to tell will people are joking and tends to take exaggerations as actual claims or statements of fact.
  • Restless - Arn likes to keep busy he is one of those people that has trouble adjusting to having down time and nothing to do.
  • Cheerful -Arn tends to be in a pleasant mood even when not truly feeling that way or doing very unpleasant things. This can be unnerving especially as when he is smiling during a battle.
  • Ambitious

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