Lord Arion Florent
Chord Overstreet
Chord Overstreet as Arion Florent
Name: Arion Florent
Aliases: Ari, Little Lord, The Brat of House Florent
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Florent
Occupation: Nobleman and Squire
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Aug 19 103 (18)


A tall young man who reaches exactly six feet in height. Light golden blond hair is neatly combed down over his ears and forehead sweeping down to just above arched blond eyebrows. His eyes are a light almost minty shade of green, they are large expressive eyes and tilt upwards at their edges. The skin of his face is fair and dusted with a hint of freckles on his cheeks. His nose is small and pointed with a slight upturn to the tip of it. High cheekbones and a curved jaw lead down to a pointed chin and full almost pouty lips. His neck is slender and somewhat long and leads to a pair of shoulders that are not quite broad but far from being slender as well. His young body isn't heavily muscled but there is grace and speed in that lean wiry frame. He often dresses in flashy clothes designed for catching attention such as today's choice of a white silk shirt with the fox of House Florent embroidered upon the front of it in intricate details with red thread. Around the fox are several other works of embroidery small blue flowers. The design is cut off at the top by a braided golden cord sewn onto where the shirts straight and high collar begin and then another strip of cording is sewn to mark the bottom of the design. The white silk shirt reaches down to a pair of blue leggings that match the flowers stitched upon the shirt. Over the shirt is an open doublet of dark red with long puffy sleeves trimmed in gold. Shiny black shoes are worn on his feet to complete the look.


Arion Florent is the youngest child of Lord Walys Florent and his wife. He has four older brothers and an older sister as well. Being the youngest in such a large family will almost always lead to being doted upon. In the case of Arion Florent this was very much true. He got whatever he wanted when he asked for it as a young boy. He wanted lessons in warfare, archery and swordplay so he was given the finest tutors in the Reach. He soon lost interest only studying until he had mastered the very basics and then moving on to learning music and the arts. This stuck with the young Lord better than any other subject and he truly enjoyed it more than fighting. He grew up sheltered and slowly it became apparent that he was a bit too pampered. He liked his luxuries a bit too much, he bathed daily in rosewater and drank the finest wines. He was a picky eater and if food wasn't appealing to him he would throw a fit and not eat.

When he reached the age of marriage many whispered that none would have the 'Brat of House Florent' and so far none would. His temper was fierce and he was quite easily angered as well. Dispite his flaws he was incredibly loyal to those he deemed worthy of his attention. He would make a good husband for that quality alone that and the fact that he was a romantic at heart. He was somewhat soft hearted dispite his temper and loathed those who cuased pain to others without reason.

He got into many a fight and threw many a fit until at age eighteen his father sent him off to Oldtown demanding he train as a squire and grow up or be disowned. This threat shocked Arion who had always lived as he wished. He was determined to win back his fathers favor even if he had to dirty his hands to do it.

Arion is slowly growing up now. His father has fallen gravely ill, his mother and and two of his brothers are dead now. There are rumors that the third son Edmond may be illegitimate as well. That would leave only Arion's older brother Caelin and his older sister and Arion himself as the survivors of the main line. Arion is hoping with his older brothers approval he will be able to pursue more intellectual pursuits rather than squiring with his cousin Abram. The brat of House Florent is slowly becoming more mature even if the process is a bit painful for most involved and highly amusing for others.

RP Hooks

  • House Florent is a proud and haughty House and Arion takes that pride to a whole new level of snobbishness. He is extremely picky in his food, his wine and sometimes even his company. Did he slight you? Do you want to befriend him for some reason? Do you want to make a rival out of him? Maybe he would make a good ally? Or maybe you think he needs discipline and a spanking? All these possibilities and more are possible!
  • Arion loves to go shopping. Merchants can easily tempt him and he has also recently shown interest in learning more about economics and trade as well.
  • Arion is of age to marry and though there are a few rumors about him he is fairly hopeful that someone will see past that and agree to a betrothal with him. He is loyal to a fault but he also has a few secrets as well. Any noblewomen who would like a caring, romantic, and loyal husband need look no further.
  • As the youngest child of six Arion has five siblings, only two of which have been played, the two oldest brothers are dead. One is a bastard and the other will be named heir. The older sister who is closest to Arion's age is still open. If anyone would like to claim this position or become a member of Arion's household as a guard or servant that would be welcome!


  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Short Temper
  • Loyal
  • Attractive
  • Vain
  • Soft Hearted

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