Ardaerys Targaryen
Gemma Ward
Gemma Ward as Ardaerys Targaryen
Name: Ardaerys Targaryen
Aliases: Ard
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: House Targaryen
Occupation: Princess
Rank: Princess
Age: Dec 26 107 (15)


Standing at a shade over five foot eight in height, this slender young woman carries herself with an air of self-confidence that easily draws the eye. Hair of the palest silvery-blonde hangs to the small of her back and is softened from being too starkly white by streaks of gold that spill through its lengths. Skin, as pale and as translucent as the rarest of opals, promotes an untouchable quality of her mien, and her smile, though rare, is vibrant when shown. Her eyes, large and luminous, are the feature that most people will notice first however; their colour that of the most startling of violets and tilted towards the outer edges so as to be almost other-wordly in shape. Long limbed, slender, and undeniably beautiful, there's a vibrancy about her that's tempered at times by the stubborn set of her jaw, and she wields her presence as subtly as any weapon.


In the year 107 AC, surely only a matter of days before the flying accident which took the lives of her dragon and her husband, Princess Vhaerys Targaryen conceived her last and her only living child.

Carried by some miracle through those tragedies and their aftermath, born in the midst of her mother's madness, Princess Ardaerys is the sole flower of her generation in that particular branch of the royal house. Whispers suggest her elder siblings emerged from the womb with wings and tails. Whispers have a thing or two to say of the princess herself, who throughout her childhood and early youth was kept cloistered in the family's stronghold at Dragonstone and never once displayed to the court at King's Landing.

Naturally she received the very best of care: she was brought up in luxury, surrounded by cousins of varying ages, tended to by devoted servants and educated by the most learned of maesters. Every one of these retainers hand-picked by her mother, in her mother's pay, and penning reports for her mother's eyes, keeping the child cocooned within her control. Lady-lessons were not enough for the scion of Vhaerys and Vhaeron: she was kept long hours at her books, on the assumption that any child of Vhaerys's /must/ be a scholar, and given lessons in swordplay and archery by a master-at-arms, for any child of them both could hardly fail to be a warrior. Much is expected of a young dragon, and of this one more than most.

She was tutored also in the art of pandering to her royal mother, by pretending — as everyone, on Dragonstone, pretends — that Prince Vhaeron is a live and breathing man rather than a figment of a still-grieving imagination. The father she never knew is in some ways an intimate presence. She is acquainted with his views upon a great many subjects, the quirks of his palate, his customary chairs and his favourite anecdotes. But the all-important, all-absorbing relationship between her parents leaves her always on the outside, even so many years after his death, knowing the truth but forbidden to speak it aloud. Her mother's more or less annual visits to Dragonstone amount to a few weeks or a month of duty, coolness, and pretense. The princess is routinely reminded that her parents have her best interests at heart, therefore such must be the case…

Early in 123 AC a contract was signed betrothing fifteen-year-old Princess Ardaerys to eleven-year-old Prince Viseron Targaryen, the only son of Prince Rhaegor and the lady Naelyssa Velaryon, a prince close to the throne and possessed of a dragon's egg.

On her next visit to Dragonstone Princess Vhaerys brought this glad news and more: it was decided that Princess Ardaerys was of an age to accompany her mother to King's Landing and then to Oldtown, to begin her new grown-up life.


  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Blood of the Dragon
  • Stubborn
  • Silver-Tongued
  • Analytical
  • Fearless

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