Lord Rowan
Christian Bale
Christian Bale as Antony Rowan
Name: Antony Rowan
Aliases: None yet
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Rowan
Occupation: Lord of Goldengrove
Marshall of the Northmarch
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Nov 15 86 (36)


There are taller men, and larger men, but Antony Rowan is relatively tall, broad-backed and strong-built without being stout or hulking. He wears his dark hair clipped short, and his beard also neatly trimmed, setting off his strong cheekbones. There is a tendency for concentration, consternation, or confusion to carve deep lines between his eyebrows. Traces of these lines and some others around his dark eyes are visible enough to suggest that he is in his mid- to late thirties.

As the Lord of House Rowan, Antony must now make certain efforts about his appearance and dress. Though it has been some years since he has seen battle, there is still something of the campaigner about him. He seems as if he would be most at home in practical clothes made of sturdy material and some armor, but noble life often induces him to affect more formal clothing. He avoids soft and delicate material as much as he possibly can, but his garments are made well and far from cheap. When he wears armor, it appears to be of excellent quality, and is decorated with the golden rowan tree.


Antony was born a second son, but among his two brothers, his physical prowess at the manly pursuits long stood out. While he was never as interested in lessons that came out of books as his studious elder brother Artos, his dedication at learning weapons and sports set him apart from the others and won his father's affections. As he grew older, the affections of young ladies followed hard upon, but loath to be overshadowed by his elder brother the heir, he sought to make a name for himself and rode off, some would say impetuously, to fight in the War for the Stepstones. He earned a reputation for bravery on the field, but at last it was not Antony who perished, but the heir, Artos, who sadly died before even marrying. Antony returned home at once on receiving the news.

As the heir, it was Antony's duty to marry and continue the family line as soon as possible, and he took this business seriously. Determined to make a fine match, he settled on Margot Hightower. She was beautiful, intelligent, accomplished, well-behaved, and incidentally accompanied by several advantageous political affiliations. Nor did she put him off when he paid court and made his proposal. Political considerations aside, Antony was smitten with her and bursting with pride at having won such a fine lady for his bride. But his pride soon soured as their marriage bed turned cold for reasons Antony could not understand. He tried to be patient with the problems at first, but grew increasingly annoyed and insulted. He was glad when their first son, Gareth, was born, but the very young death of their second son did not help matters between Antony and Margot. She soon fled, and any number of rumors about the state of their marriage and the cause of the trouble began to sprout.

Margot may have snuck off, but Antony was then all the more determined to bring his remaining son up in his image. He contended with infuriating meddling and pressure from Margot's family and finally was forced to consent to let the boy see his mother from time to time, but he took charge of his education and pushed him hard at learning to fight and hunt with the best of them. He was very strict about Gareth's stubborn streak, which Antony considered inherited from his mother, along with any number of traits he tried not to let irk him. Fiercely though he loved his son, there was friction between them about the absence of his mother and Antony's strict parenting. Antony thought that despite the difficulty, he would be raising up a fine man to follow in his footsteps. Unfortunately, Gareth never came to man's estate.

Antony had taken Gareth out on a grand hunt, and followed proudly just behind his son as the boy flew out in the lead. But a joyous occasion quickly turned ghastly as the boy's horse stumbled and threw him. Antony rushed to his side, but by the time he lifted the boy's body to his lap, he was dead. Antony returned to the house at Goldengrove in deep mourning. He was once again without heirs. Though he had never wanted to humiliate himself by begging his wife to return before, he sent her word that her son was dead and that she should come and see his resting place. She never arrived, so he has come to Oldtown to persuade her to return to her wifely duties and produce another heir. He may have other business here, as well.

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  • Temper, Temper
  • Rough And Ready
  • Nightmares
  • Marriage on the Rocks
  • Wealth: Opulent

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