Character Details
Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum as Anrio Martell
Name: Anrio Martell
Aliases: The Red Scorpion
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Martell
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Great Noble Lord
Age: Feb 22 98 (22)


Anrio stands tall, perhaps a full six feet three inches in height, and looks as though he weighs close to a hundred and ninety pounds. By no means stocky, he has the look of a muscular man comfortable with his body. Short, choppy black hair contrasts deeply with his smooth, clean-shaven olive colored face. His eyes are strikingly blue, contrasting with the black and tan mode of his hair and skin. His facial features are a mixture between a feminine delicacy, and masculine angles, which is not unattractive to say the least. Over all, he has excellent posture, his back and neck in perfect alignment, and he walks with an air nobility.

He's dressed in some light armor; a breastplate that looks as though it was specially crafted for him. Red sashes and strips of leather adorn the edges of the breastplate, linking it to hardened leather and chain cross pieces. Strapped to his back is usually a shield, at his hip is a sword, and he's usually holding a spear in one hand if he's out and about in the city.


Anrio is relatively far removed from the Throne at Sunspear; He is Queen Amarei's Father's younger Brother's Great Grandson, in fact. While he is his father's only heir, he is just another distant cousin in line of nobles who was lucky enough to have the Martell name.

Perhaps it was the desire to branch out from such an unremarkable(to him) birth that lead Anrio to become the thrill seeker that he is today. Perhaps he was simply born that way. Even as a young child, Anrio could be found doing dangerous and nerve-wracking things. Climbing some of the tallest buildings in Sunspear, diving into the deepest pockets in the ocean with sharks and other dangerous fish around. Venturing out into the desert or causing mischief by getting into places he was not supposed to. This was how Anrio spent his younger years.

He was not reprimanded too much, which likely encouraged him, and by the time he was 12 and 13, he was such a skilled acrobat and in such good shape for his size that he was taken on as a squire to one of the visiting knights in the retinue of Lord Jaesin Vaith. He had always known Ashara as children, but when both of them left their homes, she as Lord Vaith's new wife and he as a new squire, they developed a friendship that would last until today.

He was there for her when her new husband began ignoring her, and there for her when the scandal of those paramours became too much. He listened to the gossip from the shadows or as he passed by, and let her know what others were saying. He made the connections needed for the most lethal vipers in the region, and learned how to deftly handle them so that they were placed in her husband's bed. Conveniently.

So began the path that has lead Anrio to where he is today. A less light-hearted and darker path. He doubled down on his physical training, forcing himself to do thousands and thousands of repetitions of every form that there was for Spear, shield, long sword and dagger. When he surpassed his Knight in skill, they had a falling out due to the older Knight's jealousy, but eventually Anrio was knighted himself.

He hung around the worst parts of the city, learning how to pickpocket and hide things from others, learning how to get into places silently to procure information, and when things went wrong, he learned how to dispatch others with little emotion.

He took part in a few raids on The Reach holds, always confident on the battle field. He soon began to be known by a name: The Red Scorpion. His armor had the typical red adornments of the Dornish fighting forces, and with his shield and breastplate blocking the blows of most of his foes, and his blades lashing out like wicked stingers to impale his victims, it was a fitting name. There were even rumors that he dabbled with poisons, though these whisperings took place when he was not around.

As Ashara's life grew more and more dark, as death visited her, taking away child and husbands alike, his own life mirrored hers. He was married for a little over two years; his wife and child both fell ill and died to disease, leaving him once more a bachelor and the branch of his House still in need of an heir from him. He began to take more risks. He became more confrontational, perhaps overconfident. He seemed to lack any sort of self-preservation instinct. When Ashara returned to Sunspear, he began running errands for her again, giving some sort of meaning back to existence, and when she opted to retreat from Dorne for a respite in other lands, he packed his belongings and joined her retinue.

Who knows what he'll find while on his travels. A wife perhaps? A meaning for his life again? Maybe his death? Whatever he finds, he is approaching t head on, ready to strike from the front while hiding a dagger behind his back.

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  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Overconfident
  • Thrillseeker

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  • Sleeping With Sirens - "With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear"

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