May 17, 2017

And we're back.

The company that hosts our server had some terrible time, and changes to the MUSH made after 13 May may not have been restored. Check your +requests, +events, and any other whatevers you might have done since then.

Server Down

May 16, 2017

It's our host's issue, and they're workin' on it. Sorry, tinies, we must be patient.

Regards, Gashlycrumb

Staff Addition

May 12, 2017

Welcome Doubtful Guest to our stafflist. Aside from peeling the soles of its shoes, Doubt will be doing RP stuff.

Regards, Gashlycrumb


September 29, 2016

A nasty little brat of a person vandalized this wiki a few nights ago. Some of our great players have repaired it, and some of it was past due for some updating anyway. Hopefully everything is back in order, but please +request if you find any problems.


Domain Name

November 4, 2014

The issue should be fixed now.


November 3, 2014

We're having a small issue with our domain name at the moment, it should hopefully be fixed in a day or two. In the meantime, please connect with the numeric IP address:

Fobok - Game Host


May 15, 2014

I, Gashlycrumb, am going to be away.

I'm leaving tomorrow evening and will probably be out of town for 2-3 weeks. Don't panic. I won't be without net access and should be able to check in regularly.

However, there will be a couple of days when I'm just not here at all, and I'll be around less overall, so +request turnover time will increase. I don't anticipate this being a big deal for anybody; just be patient, and be good to each other.

I hereby stitch the Official Ad Interim Deputy Skeletal Figure and GM patch onto Abram's forehead. If you have something that needs GMly attention immediately you can go to him. If it can wait, though, let it wait. If you torture the poor man I'll be cross.

Keep in mind that he won't have wizard powers, so if it's code stuff, or approvals, you have to wait.

Told You Not To Panic

February 22, 2014

And we're back.

Don't Panic

February 22, 2014, 2:30 pm EST

So, our server went down for maintenance in the wee hours this morning, and has yet to come up again. It was supposed to be down for four hours and has now been down about seven. Anyway, don't panic. I don't know what's going on yet, but we'll no doubt be back up presently.

Regards, Gashlycrumb

Happy New Year, Game of Bones!

December 31, 2013

We have a whole new game, same as the old game, except hugely better, with a working XP system and all sorts of shiny new bells and whistles and without a bunch of oddities and problems. You should all be happy with the new toys, and the knowledge that the new version is much more standard, so if I or our coders get hit by trains the game still stands a chance of surviving. 4222

You will have to recreate your character, go through the chargen there and restat. If you do this, you get the chance to retool your sheet as you please (some of the stats are different) and to try to slip extra points past me (I am likely to notice, but also likely not to mind) and you will get an XP bonus when you’re done. If you just really really really can’t stand it, you may +request that I port your character for you, but you won’t get any of these bonuses, and I will cry.

Regards, Gashlycrumb

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