Character Details
Tony Curran
Tony Curran as Andyrs
Name: Andyrs
Aliases: Andrys
Faction: The Citadel
Organization: The Citadel
Occupation: Maester
Rank: Maester
Age: Apr 14 82 (40)


Five feet eleven inches and not a fraction more, Andrys is tall older gent and whilst not skinny as such, he is nowhere near burly. In fact, the height and bodyshape combine to give the effect of a well fed scarecrow that keeps himself in trim. This effect is aided by his standard mode of dress, that being either figure-hugging deep-purple robes trimmed with velvet and other luxuries (when required to be dressy) or a heavy black garment that is something like a cassock made of heavy leather.
What little flesh he shows (usually his face) is pale as milk, his eyes are purplish-blue and his hair is.. red, flaming red that he wears long and swept back behind his ears. His facial hair is similarly scarlet.


Its not terribly clear who his mother was, the poor girl having quietly disposed of shortly after his birth, but Andyrs' father happens to be Jurian's as well. The elder brother, everything would have been fantastic for the young man, aside from the matter of his bastardy. Still, he had one of the better outcomes, having been kept about by his grandmother as a reminder for his father to keep it in his pants. When Father got married and Jurian came along, a proper heir, he was kept about still as a playmate for the boy. They had, from all accounts, a comfortable and friendly childhood, Andyrs burrowing any resentment of his younger brother in tomes of ancient lore(!), with a broad leaning towards anatomical knowledge. When he became a bit of a political embarassment (as he approached puberty and… questions started to be asked about things like missing pets), his Father took this as a cue to send his bastard off to the citadel, out of sight, out of mind.
After a few months of actual resentment and general misbehaviour, our nascent novice was introduced to the concept that he might want to turn his vivisection of local cats into something more useful. This he took to like the proverbial duck to water, rapidly becoming a skilled hand at autopsy and even (perhaps accidentally) stumbling onto some interesting and useful biological discoveries. Once the ball was rolling, he applied himself well to his chain (though his focus has always been biology).
However, dark rumours began to form over what he did in his spare time, forbidden things and rumoured grave robbing (and even human vivisection). These rumours eventually made their way to his Father, who, through statecraft and guile quieted the rumours on the condition that he run little errands for the House. Errands which began with 'deliver this message to these people' and rapidly escalated to things like 'We do not like this man and would be most pleased if he did not survive this surgery' and eventually became 'You're a sneaky bastard, make sure this man dies.' when Father stopped being subtle.
So, our Surgeon/Assassin became pretty famed for the former (and suspected of the latter, but never proven) and soon was called to serve his brother as a personal physician. Overjoyed to get away from where he was (where his local endeavours had caused some minor problems- and more importantly the food was terrible!) and to see his brother again, he packed his kitbag and promptly off he toddled, ostensibly to replace a recent dragon-related casualty in Old Town.

RP Hooks

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  • Sadist
  • Bastard-Born
  • Wealth: Well Off
  • In the Dragon's Pocket
  • Reputation:Chirurgeon
  • Good Vision in Dark

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Half-Brother - My darling brother, first of his fathers get to have their name. Also my meal ticket.


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