Lord Amadys Baratheon, Acolyte of the Citadel
Jason Done
Jason Done as Amadys Baratheon
Name: Amadys Baratheon
Aliases: 'Valerio Vixenbane'
Faction: Baratheon / Citadel
Organization: The Citadel
Occupation: Acolyte
Rank: Lord & Acolyte
Age: 18


A lanky youth with an instantly recognisable look, the thick black locks and dark-blue eyes that immediately announce a scion of House Baratheon's male line. Amadys is dressed in acolyte's robes of grey trimmed with pale blue only when he has to be, otherwise in general preferring a series of fine black woollen tunics, and golden cloaks lined with grey miniver. A thin length of pale-gold wire keeps three Maester's links, one of copper, one of grey iron, and one of black, dangling at his throat, but much more noticeable is the gold-and-onyx stag signet ring on his right hand.


Born a younger son of Boremund, the then Lord Baratheon of Storm’s End, and a second wife of House Swygert, Amadys grew up comfortable, contented and good looking in the unmistakable dark, blue-eyed Durrandon manner. This good fortune was not destined to last without setback for very long.

Sent as squire and ward at the age of seven to one of his father’s most powerful bannermen, Lord Swann of Stonehelm, the boy, charming and intelligent though he might be, proved a thorough disappointment. Though a fair rider and an archer whose promise developed under his skilful Swann masters, none could deny that Amadys was also a slovenly, craven nuisance, weak and timorous in the front line of any melee, prone to contradict his betters and, if the rest were not stain enough on his noble lineage, given to skiving any sort of martial practice in favour of consorting with wenches and even writing them poetry. Amadys returned home to Storm’s End at sixteen without showing much sign of ever deserving knighthood.

The years passed, and with them old Lord Boremund Baratheon. The new Lord, Borros, Amadys’s much older half-brother, was little more prepared to countenance the youth’s follies than Lord Swann had been. For a year’s length Amadys clung on to an uneasy residence under his brother’s roof, only to be utterly disgraced, when rumour and a certain amount of circumstantial evidence implicated him in a flirtation with his brother’s wife, Lady Baratheon. Only courtly tokens, favours, speeches and verses had been exchanged, but this was enough for Amadys to be presented with a simple choice – head for the Citadel and begin training as a Maester, or lose his manhood there and then.

Amadys unsurprisingly opted for the former, and after a long and tiresome journey, he soon found the Oldtown air and the life of an Acolyte more than pleasant; though, on the other hand, it was clear he made hardly more suitable a Maester than a knight in training. He tended to shirk his new studies quite as much as his old, but he did make certain useful friendships among the Hightowers, which rendered fine commercial rewards to House Baratheon. Lord Borros began to relent – but still had no desire to receive Amadys back at Storm’s End. The word came from his lord brother at last – Amadys could find and wed a lady of fortune, or win his Maester’s chain, it mattered not. It seems to matter least of all to Amadys himself, and to this day he continues on his merry path, in half-hearted search for an heiress, or links to his chain, but much more day-to-day pursuit of revelry and conversation.



Averse to Decision - Amadys likes to have it all possible ways, rather than commit himself to any particular, probably arduous and serious path. He is not so much indecisive as decisive in his preference for indecision.

Spare Not Heir - A younger half-brother who was never very likely to inherit Storm's End or anything else, Amadys is used to an irresponsible and carefree existence. If he feels any ambition or resentment about his lot in life, he hides it well.

Sybarite - Amadys Baratheon is almost entirely dedicated to having as good a time as possible as much of the time as possible, in terms of feasting, drinking, wenching and good cheer. He hasn't taken any vows yet and intends to make the best of life while this remains the case…

Thoughtless Flirt - An extremely decorative looking youth with the handsome Baratheon look in a slender, lissom shape, Amadys will typically aim to charm anyone and anything, with no thought for any consequences.

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NoImage_icon.jpg Borros Baratheon
My brother, the Lord of Storm's End - Born of my father Lord Boremund's earlier, grander marriage among House Arryn, my lord brother is older, burlier, and, he insists, wiser - although, I might add, he cannot read or write. As he is the sole source of my comfortable income, I must appease him, but I know he is offended by my very existence - especially as his Caron wife has borne him only daughters…
Maera Maera
An alluring, if impecunious, prospect - Lady Mormont seems to appreciate my talent and high birth, and to value my services…on occasion. For my part, for all her harsh and martial mien, which some might even call unwomanly, I find myself strangely eager to win her esteem. She has a cold, limitless, fearful beauty in her, lean as that black blade she bears. So to speak.
Ulyka Ulyka
A meddling termagant - The younger bear-maid attacked me. It was distinctly painful and undignified.
Wulfred Wulfred
A bibulous eccentric - Good for a gossip, whatever the murky chicaneries of his base trade may be.
Griffyth Griffyth
An old acquaintance and potential lackey? - I recall Griffyth Wylde as one of the brawnier squires at Storm's End, and considerably more proficient and bloodthirsty than me. Knighthood hasn't changed him much, but he is properly loyal to my House. It's reassuring as well as amusing to watch him thundering about. As the betrothed of Lady Maera, he was certainly as a surprise…and as one of Lord Garvin's inverts, even more of one. He seems to show his face but little now from shame, and the betrothal would seem to be over and done.
Arros Arros
A handsome bastard! - The Dornishman seems to rise poor Griff's ire and admiration in equal part. He's courteous company, guarding his temper well under considerable provocation but never slow to offer a jest, or receive one in good part.
Garvin Garvin
Lord Pansy - The young and…untried…Tyrell, his menagerie of bestial retainers and servile beasts, and his ready, free-flowing purse are all welcome additions to the gaiety of life in Oldtown.
Daevon Daevon
The Maidens' Knight - For all his fame, Ser Daevon appears to be that rare thing - an acutely modest Targaryen.
Thane Thane
Valyrian Archmaester - The Thricewise is a queer, cussed northerner, wedded as much to the unexpected as to his chain…but for some reason, reverent as I am towards old Luckin and respectful towards Gyldayn, it's Thane I'd seek out first for counsel, no question about it.
Luckin Luckin
Silver Archmaester - Luckin is wise, skilful, forgiving…and pretty old. I'm fond of him, but he doesn't exactly inspire fear and awe - except in moments of displaying his still remarkable talents.
Visenya Visenya
The Queen of Sundown - Our first encounter was as…stirring…as our second was alarming. Assuredly, at any rate, I will follow Princess Visenya's subsequent adventures with keen attention.
Valerity Valerity
The Scarlet Vine - Truly, a kindred spirit - even with something of my colouring, too. Did Father dally among the Redwynes, perchance? I hope not, for my stratagem towards the Lady Valerity is scarcely a fraternal one…


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