Alyssandra "Mystique" Ashford
Kate Potter
Kate Potter as Alyssandra Ashford
Name: Alyssandra Ashford
Aliases: Mystique
Faction: The Reach
Organization: Ashford
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Noblewoman (daughter of the head of the house Ashford)
Age: Jul 17 103 (19)


The first thing most notice about this young woman is her cascade of curls. Ranging from a medium auburn with coppery highlights during the winter and an almost fiery-red during the summer, her hair is thick, wild, and heavy with natural curls. Possessing an oval face with a gently rounded jawline, her entire face contains more freckles then the clearest night sky.

Steel grey eyes, thick, but not overly thick lips with a stain of soft pink, and a narrow nose round off the face of this young woman. Small of frame, lean, she appears to be in hear late teens, maybe twenty at most.

For attire this young woman wears a white gown which is floor-length with sleeves extending to just past the wrist and ending in a cuff which is folded towards the wrist, the bottom hanging to just past the knee and ending in a point. The dress continues up, fully covering the chest and even the neck is covered up to just under the jaw where it ends in a frilly lace. From the waist down, and the inner-part of the exposed lower sleeve the white dress is adorned with a few, large, twenty-pointed suns with a slight curve, matching the sun depicted on the sigil of House Ashford.

Over this, is a robe-like outer dress which covers the arms down to the wrists, the hem touching the floor, though the front of the outer dress is largely left open. From about mid-stomach down the outer-dress flares out to show off the embroidered suns, black lacing secures the outer-dress to the body from the mid-stomach to the lower bust. From there the outer-dress flares upwards to reveal the pleats of the upper section of the white gown underneath. Around her neck, worn over the raised collar of the gown is a pendant in the shape of a heraldic shield which is orange in color with the white sun-and-chevron of House Ashford, this hangs from a black ribbon. As a final touch she wears a pair of black gloves which go to mid-forearm with a white sun on the back of each hand.

A bit atypical of a young noblewoman is the constant presence of a finely crafted wooden cane. Polished with an ornate design. The palm-grip of the cane is orange in color, carved into the top of the grip is the white sun of House Ashford.


Alyssandra, her three older brothers, and one older sister are of the main branch of House Ashford. They are the children of the Head of the House Louis Ashford and his wife Paulette Shermer.

Ashford - its a beautiful town in a beautiful land, and life is really calm and peaceful in the area, compared to the general atmosphere of the Westeros. A young lord Louis Ashford, while his father was still the head of the house Ashford, married a young and an incredibly beautiful lady Paulette of House Shermer. Louis was bewitched by her long red hair and pale skin.

Soon a boy was born to the pair, named Julien. Then a second boy, Edmund was born four years later. Though, the birth of the second son was overclouded with the death of Louis father. He lost one of the most important people in his life, but at the same time Louis became the head of the House of Ashford and he did not have time to mourn. There was always some business to do.

Two years would pass and a third son, Curtis was born and that made Paulette upset. She hoped that she would have at least one daughter, the third child after providing her husband with two sons. Though, she got lucky the fourth time. The fourth child was a very strong daughter named Millicent. She was so strong, that her older brothers feared of her. Well, sometimes. Then, finally, the fifth child was a real girl. She was a true image of her mother. The girl was fragile, very gentle and graceful. Her voice had the beauty of a nightingales. She was named Alyssandra Ashford, but soon her friends and siblings gave her a new name - Mystique.

The girl only talked when she had to. She never talked about her emotions, and if she sung, she did it just because she had to, not because she wanted to express her feelings. Alyssandra became really closed, self-possessed. You could never know, what she was thinking. It overshadowed her outer beauty and made many uncomfortable around her, or she sometimes looked dangerous. Many were conflicted about her, could such a cute redhead kitten be a cunning threat?

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Louis Ashford
Father - The head of the House Ashford. He is a very busy man. Though, he still found time to be with me and hold my hand, when I needed his strength. He is kind, but just and the best father a child can have. I love him, I want him to be proud of me and I would do anything for him.


Paulette Shermer
Mother - She is a wife of Lous Ashford. I am not sure, what happened to her. My brothers tell that mother used to be playful, kind and happy. Now, she avoids me. She still is sweet and lovely to everyone, but not me and not my father. I don't understand why. I need my mother, I need her warmth, but she pushes me away as if I would be disgusting animal.


Oldest brother - He is my 31 years old brother. Gods, he must be the best swimmer in whole Westeros. He taught me how to swim and he always knows how to make me laugh. I love him.


Edmund Ashford
Brother - He is my 27 years old brother. Thank you for helping me to find my real hobby - herbs. I can't forget these hours spent in a forest, where you revealed me the secrets of it. I miss that time, and I hope that you learned even more things about it in the Oldtown. I am coming there now and you will have to share your knowledge with me again! I love you, Edmund!


Curtis Ashford
Brother - He is my 25 years old brother. Oh, you were my friend of mischief! How many times we got into a fight of pillows? How many times we climbed trees, and we hid from my Septa and your Maester? How many times we stole sweets from the kitchens? We are two souls, who understand each other. You will never be a knight, because your arm has these horrible burns, and I will never make any man happy as a wife… We are a bit different in this family. So, we must stick together no matter what. I love you with all my heart!


Millicent Ashford
Sister - My 22 years old sister. You are the strongest woman I have ever met! You should be a winner of all tournaments, but promise me, that you will never go to war? My heart would break into hundreds pieces, if I would loose you. You were the one, who taught me how to defend my self or just run away from most of the dangers. I wish I could be more like you. I love you, my sister!


Marcella Ashford
Niece - 13 years old daughter of Julien. I am so sorry, that these first years of your life were so terrible. It's hard to loose a mother, when you are so young. But I understand you. I lost my own mother too, at some point. I am glad that you were named Marcella instead of Catherine. This name suits you better, my lovely niece.


Delrick Ashford
Nephew - 5 years old son of Julien. Already a man, aren't you? I remember how tiny you were, when you were just born. Now, you are playing knight! I am bringing a wooden sword to you as a gift!. I love you, my nephew and I promise to bring you some most tasty cookies my handmaiden can make!


Pascal Ashford
Nephew - just a one year old son of Julien. I didn't see you so far. I will see you, when I will get to the Oldtown. Though, I read a lot about you in the letters my brother and his wife sent to me. I love you already, my dearest nephew.

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