Character Details
Megan Fox
Megan Fox as Alyse Baratheon
Name: Alyse Baratheon
Aliases: None
Faction: The Stormlands
Organization: House Baratheon
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Great Noble Lady
Age: Nov 5 102 (18)

Alyse left with Lord Borros when the Baratheon's fled the Black Sickness, leaving Oldtown to return to Storm's End.


A fairly short woman who stands at around five foot five inches tall. Despite her somewhat lacking height she appears both proud and confident. Her skin where it is seen is fair with the healthy glow of a light tan to it. The smooth skin of her face is clean and clear of all faults. Black hair with a slight wave to it falls down her back to just past her waist. Currently it is pulled into a single tight braid that is entwined around a dark blue ribbon. Black brows arch over large almond shaped eyes with thick dark lashes. The color of those eyes is a light grey like clouds before a storm comes. Her face is oval in shaped with a rounded nose and full lips of a rosy pink. High cheekbones slope down into full cheeks and then into a rounded jaw and chin. A slender neck leads to a curvy figure dressed in elegant yet still practical clothing. The dress is a dark blue with a rounded neckline that reveals just the barest hint of her full breasts. The silk fabric clings to her body not showing hardly anything but highlighting those curves in a teasing manner. White and grey beading runs along the collar of the dress and down the front to her waist. The beads often catch the light and give off a slight sparkle. The dress loosens past her hips flowing down to the ground in a cascade of dark blue silk. The back of the dress trails behind her slightly and the front cuts off at just below her ankles revealing a pair of slippers of dark blue with beading to match the dress.


Alyse is the daughter of a cousin of the main ruling line in the Stormlands. Her parents have three children of which she is the youngest and only girl. Her two older brothers were very protective of their baby sister. It was the influence of her brothers that encouraged her boldness and bravery. She learned to ride and shoot a bow taking great enjoyment in this. She also was a keen observer and enjoyed collecting gossip and stories about what was currently going on. She was a charming girl and she could talk people out of many secrets. Most people thought Alyse was an endearing girl if a bit stubborn and bold. The truth was Alyse was just good at getting what she wanted she was ambitious and clever but also had a ruthless streak to her. When a woman who spurned her eldest brothers advances fell ill mysteriously no one suspected Alyse had poisoned her except the youngest of her brothers who was the one who had taught her how to handle poisons. Alyse's brother kept his silence though and merely suggested that his sister get to see more of the world. He suggested she go to Oldtown as he ahd been there before and he thought it would be good for his sister to get away from the Stormlands for a while. And so Alyse was sent to Oldtown and here she hoped she could build another information network and enjoy the amusement she gets from spreading and investigating rumors.

RP Hooks

  • Source of Information: Alyse prides herself on knowing what is going on in noble circles and some not so noble circles as well. Want to gossip, or do you have or need dirt on someone? Alyse can both investigate and spread rumors with ease.
  • Wild Child: Alyse enjoys riding and archery a great deal. She is also fond of spending nights out with other women drinking and talking at taverns. She always has at least a few guards present when she goes out on these adventures though.
  • Of Age to Marry: There are rumors that her father is seeking a betrothal for her and she seems to be very interested in helping him choose. She is ambitious after all and won't easily settle for someone beneath her.
  • Daredevil: Alyse loves a challenge and the more daring or dangerous it seems the better it is for her.


  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Masochist
  • Nosy
  • Brave
  • Attractive
  • Stubborn

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